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Summary of your idea

The EDU-Cab project seeks to curb poverty and promote access to quality education for the underprivileged. Its all about setting up a hybrid enterprise, a model which comprises both for-profit and non-profit activities. It will be a modern, reliable, and secured cab enterprise that will help create sustainable jobs for unemployed youth, put in place an education fund called EDU-Fund to provide assistance to underprivileged children and youth and facilitate their full access to quality education at primary, secondary and university levels. Poverty and illiteracy are two major problems in Cameroon. With an estimated population of 19.7 million and an Average income of US$1, 17 (World Bank, 2009 data) many families find it very difficult to fund their childrens education at primary and secondary school; and University. Girls are the most affected by this situation. For 81% of girls found in primary schools (2009 National household survey) thanks to governments efforts which made public primary education free, we have just 42% who attend secondary school (UNESCO, 2009), and lesser at University level. EDU-Cab will offer secured; comfortable and reliable cab services to the communities it will serve qualities which are rare in Cameroons public transport services. The project will offer job opportunities to young motivated unemployed, thus contributing to reduce unemployment and poverty within this target group. Profits made out of this income generating activity will serve as main source of funding for our underprivileged education support program EDU-Fund. In Cameroon, NGOs and government efforts to eradicate poverty and to promote education are quite noticeable. Unfortunately these organizations permanently depend on donations to carry their activities, thus reducing their level of impact and ability to be sustainable. The hybrid nature of our organization will help insure good autonomy and sustainability to the project for a better social impact.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With the cab services, our organization aim is to reduce the level of unemployment and poverty in our community by creating at least 10 new direct jobs by the end of each year for the first 05 years of operation. The number of employed drivers and managing staffs will enable us know if we are reaching our objectives. We hope to facilitate access to quality education to at least 30 pupils and students every year for the first five years, and more after. The level of impact of our work will be determined by the improvement in the number of people the project will support as beneficiaries, their ability to provide for their needs and the academic results for the students. Our work will not be limited to offering job opportunities and education assistance, but also to advocate for and sensitize the community on the need to promote quality education for all. Plus, the community level of adherence and support to the project will help appreciate its success.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

As described above, the project will consist of establishing a cab service enterprise following a hybrid model: For-profit and not-for-profit. The project implementation will begin in Yaoundé and will later extend to other localities in the country. At this stage the project has no funds for its implementation.

Your profile

Paolo PANGUI is a young ambitious, vision oriented Cameroonian born in Douala on December 26th, 1984. He is passionate about social change, especially change through social entrepreneurship. His interest for social issues began in 2002 when he joined his High School health club as a peer educator. Since then, he has been a volunteer for several organisations working on issues like sexual and reproductive health and rights; youth participation and leadership; Education; Global peace; social entrepreneurship. His work background has supplied him with many skills and an understanding of youth issues. Some of the skills gained till date are: Management of community youth organisations Entrepreneurship Life Skills building Data collection Monitoring and evaluation of youth community projects Today he is a postgraduate, Business Law student at the University of Dschang , where he acted as a DELL social innovation (DSI) Student Ambassador for 2013. He is also the Permanent Secretary of a community based organisation named HORIZON JEUNE; member and co-founder of Youth For Youth Family (Y4Y); member and co-founder of the Cameroon National Youth Network; member of the Society for Aids in Africa (SAA); member of the Global Youth Coalition on Aids (GYCA); and representative of the MasterPeace global movement in the West region of his country. Till this day he has not achieved his dreams but fill very happy for his modest contribution to the development of the communities he has been serving. He believes that the best way to achieve self-development is to participate to the development of the other members of the community, especially that of the most needy. And this belief is what drives his ever increasing interest in social entrepreneurship and the dream of becoming an influential and respectable leader in this domain, with the capacity to generate sustainable social impact.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction

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February 25, 2014 16:59

Thanks very much for all your support Diderot. I hope many other people believe or will believe in my efforts to bring change in our communities.

February 20, 2014 15:02

The Cameroon development relies on responsible and dynamic youth. Knowing Mister Paolos open mind and efforts to lead his fellow mate with success, rather his activism in the milieu of the youth that has given many of them hope and tools on which they can count to build their own future, the step he is getting in is a very challenging one as well as demonstrating how dynamic and futurist he is. Considering the impact of his project in the occupation of the youth in particular and the Cameroon's population in general, I strongly recommend his project.