improvement of health and education level in pakistan

Published on June 19, 2014 um 13:29

Summary of your idea

summary of my idea is that while improving education system in pakistan we can improve health at the basic grass root level .for this purpose we will conduct different approaches and activities among the general public as we all know that in pakistan out of 200 million population,10 million of population is illiterate and 30 percent of population is living in extreme educational poverty so this situation is alarming in pakistan so first we will have to consider educcation as our main goal .if people are educated then health facilities will improve and people will have awareness about their health structure as you all know that polio virus is spreading in pakistan and this is international alarming for the world as all the countries have eradicated polio but its still prevailing in pakistan so will have to take necessary steps for polio virus eradication and other health problems like dengue virus,measles etc we have to introduce strong education system for all these to handle.we will have to move in villages and outreach areas where education is basic need we have to establish base camps for their education and provide education at their home place instead of going into distant areas . we will have to provide employment to such a family which is deserving so that they can send their child in school instead of child labor .we will have to eradicate the children doing work in different places to earn honesty and likelihood for their families . establish base camps in every village for children s education and then the base camp report to subcamp in every tehsil and then each tehsil reports to every division so that network can be establish for the education

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impact of my idea on sustainable development would be there if my plans are imposed into the community as improving education level people will be aware of what education is and will do steps to maintain education and will contribute towards health of ones home and then towards one area or community success will be there as we are implementing education level to those people who are totally uneducated and there basic needs are not met if they succeeded in getting education then they will work positively towards environment and towards society and finally community and overall work towards country progress and eradicating polio and other diseases from the community which is a big threat to the world also as polio virus is transmitted so it is alarming to the world so its eradication is very important for this purpose education is necessary and after education then health facilities are improved and people will be vaccinated more and more as awareness would be created among illiterate community about health and education with introducing education we can have better results towards health,wealth of the nation and it can create weather of success and sustainable development of ones nation and country .

Plans for implementation and sustainability

for implementation of my plan we will have to coordinate with the country policies towards education and health system we can modify the plan of ones government policies as in ones country government is a big policy maker and for implementation government have funds and we can also coordinate with international stakeholders and NGOs will provide wealth for my plan to implement as privately we can do alot towards education and health system of ones country we will have to establish as i have already said that base camp in villages which consists of health workers which will guide community about the polio virus and its mode of spread etc and other members will consist of teachers and other volunteers from that community which will guide the base camp officers and one private security guard to protect the camp from threats as many families refuses to be vaccinated and have polio drops to their children s so this whole is the base camp know coming to the tehsil camps in which there would be more teachers specialist one rather to guide base camp officials and teach them necessary information if any there would be meeting every week in the tehsils to whoom base camps in villages will report then monthly meeting with the district camps officials in whom there shall be members of NGOs officals who will be guided through internet as they will be out of country every report shall be published in the magazine about that particular work so this is all about education and health and arrangements and working of my idea.

Your profile

My name is Farhan Mohsin my age is 24 years date of birth is 5 march 1990. i am a physiotherapist from pakistan.i am know living in lahore province punjab. i am recently dealing with polio cases as i m engaged in them to provide facilities so that their body deficiencies should b eliminated and can work easily and move in the society functionally. i am a social worker i have founded my own NGO in the name of serving party to help deserving and the needy in education and health matters from last two years i am engaged to provide free facilities of my profession as a physiotherapist through exercises to eradicate different postural problems in the community free of cost.and providing free of costs medicines,books,uniforms and other education materials etc i am a sports man throughout my carrier i have joined many campaigns like polio,dengue,HIV aids,and many rallies to promote awareness among the society i have received certificates in polio compaign.dengue walk,first aid certified holder,scouts certificate ,best athlete certificate and many more upto fifty certificates in different aspects i have recently conducted an research on rehabilitation of facial muscles in facial palsy i am a motivated person and my aim in life is to help community in health and education free of cost i want to build hospital and school to poor who cant have education due to poverty and health facilities.i will contribute towards positive development of pakistan.i belong to middle class family but want to live with poors i want to listen their problems so that i can solve them easily.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage , idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

receiving best athlete award from pakistani minister for food

best player in All Pakistan physiotherapy sports gala 2012

giving cloths and eatables through my NGO to poor education institute

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