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Summary of your idea

The main objective is to produce a large quantity of high quality chicken products to the Tanzanian rural community that faces malnutrition. These will include quality eggs and chicken meat. Currently there is low subsistence production that does not meet the demand. The project will include use of good hybrids that will produce as much products as what the community needs. Modern keeping activities will be employed so that the products can be of high quantity.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The implementation of this idea will have impact the society positively by providing quality products to the community that is currently facing a large number of children with malnutrition diseases. By curing the society out of malnutrition, the strong society towards development will be created and hence reduce poverty at least by 3% in 10 years to come. The project will also employ not less than 20 youth who will be able to develop themselves and employ others i the long run period. Tanzania rural face poverty mainly due to lack of sufficient food nutrients that results to low productivity.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The project will start from the little money (capital) I have and in a small plot I have acquired yet. The current capital can help me start with 100 chicks. Later on, the production of the first batch will help me increase the number of chicks to about 150, after two years I expect the number to have increase to 2000. The community around the location of expected project is about 100,000 people. Therefore, the products to satisfy the community can be produced in 5 years since from the first production. The project will be self-financing, as the products sold will generate income for its sustainability. The development cycle of the project will also include different people such as skilled and non skilled labors so that the production can be of high quality with large outputs.

Your profile

I am the Tanzanian male born May 1990. I currently a university student in one f the universities in Tanzania persuing Bachelor in Public Administration. I have worked with one of Non-Governmental Organizations as an intern on serving the community and realized the rural community in Tanzania is very poor and faces a lot of malnutrition problems. This has motivated me to help the community by providing it with food supplements at low prices so that I can help the government to serve the hope-less community. My education will help me strategically manage the project and critically mobilize the community on the importance of having good nutrition.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, food security, poverty reduction, youth

Amani Nteboya


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