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Published on June 19, 2014 um 14:10

Summary of your idea

Main objective : We want to give the present that can remind unforgettable memories to the elderly. Main activities : First, we inform our project to local community. Second, we receive an application form from the elderly who make special memories for free. Third, we carry out a plan that take pictures for the elderly. Innovative approaches : Our project can provide our ability for elderly and we contribute to the industry aimed for the aged. Also, our project improves the quality of the elderly life.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We are planning to take a picture only for elderly. Through this project, the elderly who live alone or have anyone to take their pictures can save the memories. After taking pictures of some elderly, we will hold a photo exhibition with these photos. We are expecting to introduce and promote our project this exhibition. Through this process, we hope to meet more elderly people who feel lonely.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The ultimate purpose of our project is to make the elderly happy by providing welfare services. In many local communities, the industry for the elderly becomes active as the world enters an aging society. We will offer lots of welfare services for the aged people by going along the current trends. Activities that take pictures of people will be done by our team members donation of talent. And other activities like developing and printing photographs will be helped the professional photographer. So we will request for the talent donation of pay the price. And we are planning to cooperate with the organization related to the silver industry for financial part we need. And we anticipate the donation of people through the photo exhibition. Our project will be continued by this process.

Your profile

Our team is composed of three Hanyang University students in Korea, Republic of. Our major is Journalism and Mass communication. We are studying and practicing a theory of visual communication. So we want to donate our ability that is taking and editing photos.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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