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Published on June 27, 2014 um 16:02

Summary of your idea

I chose to investigate games controllers, when I found out the amount of materials needed to make controllers for each individual console and that the cost for controllers has skyrocketed over the past 5 years. The goal of my project became a games controller which could be used with different consoles! I decided to implement a 2.4 GHz transmitter. Currently all of the current consoles use the same 2.4 GHz connection. In order to use one controller on several consoles it needed to have a small slot in the front of the controller in order to have an interchangeable transmitter which I have called The Central Hub I calculated that such a controller could be used on 5 or more of the major games consoles and could save up to 80% of the total materials needed for manufacturing games controllers! I designed the device in 3D and then exported it as a .STL file. This allowed me to print it using a 3D printer. Then in order to see if my design would work I needed to consult an expert, he said that the design would work and is easy to manufacture. I used my PCB to test it on the individual consoles and it worked. My circuit also included a speaker in order to allow the player to wirelessly stream music from their device to the controller, for this I obtained PCB software. The final design included moving the speakers to the top of the controller.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My aim for this project was to create a controller which would allow the gamer to use one controller on up to six games consoles and play their own music. The main deadline for the project was the 28th April which was the deadline for Google Science Fair. The main resource which is available to me is both my mentor and the Internet which will allow me to get vast amounts of knowledge during my project. I will also use my knowledge of general technology in order to work out the best solution to whatever hinders me. I will know if my project is successful when I complete my testing of the PCB; this will then show whether or not my idea would have the real word application which I hoped it would have. saving to the materials needed in order to make the yearly demand of games controllers. This in turn would revolutionise the gaming industry by allowing the user to save money on controller and then buying more games with the spare money. This in turn could make gaming available to third world countries and with the fact that 97% of 6-14 year olds own at least two consoles this means that they could easily purchase games consoles and save the user 80% of the money they would normally spend on games controllers.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

From my project; it has the possibility to save the planet 33 million kg worth of materials every year and this in turn is a huge I conclude that with both my prototype and Patent I believe that I could compete with the gaming giants. I plan on financing my idea by either crowd funding or investment which should allow me to receive enough funds in order to make my idea in to an international business.

Your profile

My name is Robert Saunt and I am in year 9 at Loughborough Grammar School in the United Kingdom. From an early age I was amazed by science, and started to do research in biology when I joined Loughborough Grammar school. To me science and engineering are the subjects which enable people to change the world on the largest scale. My heroes include Sir Richard Branson, whose contribution to business is extraordinary, Lord Sugar who has pioneered in the world of computing and my I.T teacher Mrs Daljit Kaur, whose passion, humour and dedication has furthered my passions for Science and I.T. Besides my passion for maths and science, clubs, volunteering, and research, I enjoy playing games and sailing. As for future jobs, I may become a Lecturer, Teacher, as I enjoy helping. I have at the Science Masterclasses at my school helping local children in year 6 learn about the 3 sciences and I am a regular member of the Microbes and Microscopy, Darwin and Beast Clubs at my school which enable be to gain more knowledge about science! I have participated in several technology competitions and won various awards at levels varying from regional to national. These competitions were amazing experiences, and I was inspired by other extraordinary projects at each of the events. They also allowed me to communicate and learn from the judges of the competition and develop my ideas.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, other: Gaming, Technology

My CAD Design in Solidworks featuring Zebra Stripes to show ergonomic design

The CAD Design of my Games Controller in Solidworks

My Prototype being printed using my school's 3D printer.

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