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Published on June 20, 2014 um 16:41

Summary of your idea

Our company was established for the purpose of improving bias against single mothers and standing up for themselves. So we prepare three projects for the single mom. First project, we invite speaker to give lectures and hold lecture meeting. We will have some speakers that overcame prejudice about single mom and became successful. By giving these lectures, it help to improve recognition of the single mom and put hope into them. Second project is that we provide a vocational education to the single mom like barista training. We are offering classes to single moms who are interested free of charge excluding a small charge for materials. After they complete vocational education, we help them to get a job and stand up for themselves. Last project, we make some goods and sale these both online and offline market. The goods like awareness bracelets mean supporting the single mom. Our market will carry bracelets , echo back, socks, T-shirts etc. All of that mean supporting the single mom and cheering them. It is an our business model and used to reform the prejudice. And proceeds of this goods will be used for the single mom. We expect our projects will gain a toehold the single mom walk the world with dignity.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Generally, our society has a bias against single mom. Most people think that they made an irreparable mistake at an early age. However, in fact, they did a responsible behavior for their love. We are going to change the perception of single mom, and praise their strong sense of responsibility and brave. Through our company, they can show their ability that they have not shown because of prejudice, and they also can earn money to stand on their own feet.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business Model Our business are divided two parts. One is online shopping mall and the other is offline sale. At first, we cannot have our own spaces so were planning to get a temporary booth in weekend flee market and social events. Were going to sell handmade goods. It includes our badge which is drawn in our mascot FORSING, and accessories which are earrings, bracelet, necklace etc. , and eco-bag is that you can actually draw and paint with special crayon, and baby supplies also handmade kit for the supplies are made by us. Our company will hire only single mom except for us, so all our goods made by them. We plan to train single mom at first for how to make all those goods. And after our business are getting on the right track, we will have a class for teaching how to make them by yourself. Our companys single mom would be the perfect material for teacher. We think that it is going to be hard at first because Korean really dont have good attitude to single mom. But we will publicize to emphasize their responsibility. They did have a chance to give up their babies but they didnt so it would be perfect narrative for marketing. And our single mom dont have to be ashamed or shy or embarrassed. Financing Source We plan to get money from various source. First is our money however it would be short. Second is donation for our activity. Before we start to run our business, we plan to participate various social foundation events and were going to publicize our enterprises goal and ask for donation. Third is support money from government. Fourth is that if we may selected, support money from Unicef. Collaborators Korea Single Mom Family Association

Your profile

Our ages are 22, 23 and 24. We are coleague of HanYang University in South Korea. First We know this competition through our class that learn mass culture. Our professor suggests this competition for a assignment. But we feel interesting and are fascinated with social enterprise. So we think about the singlemom considerately. We have great passion.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , empowerment of women, youth


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