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Published on June 26, 2014 um 11:44

Summary of your idea

Our intention is to open the first integrated natural health consulting center in Osijek, Croatia. The main objective is to raise: 1) awareness about the importance of health and a balanced lifestyle 2) awareness about the importance of education and prevention 3) the quality of life The center would include commercial and service activities which are closely interrelated and interdependent. Items in shop: 1) Biological supplements 2) Home appliances 3) Natural cosmetics 4) Eco grown food from local family farms Service activities rely on energy medicine, with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All of the staff is educated energy experts. Services: 1) SPINE REVIEW spine is the column of life. With spine review we can find most of the genetics issues and actual problems, and educate the client about his/her condition and how to prevent or heal the problems. 2) THERAPEUTIC TRETMANT OF THE SPINE with this treatment we improve the circulation, impulse in the nerves, and energy through all of the body. The aim is to release blockages, toxins and most important negative energy. 3) ANTI STRESS GUIDED RELAXATION AND ENERGY BOOSTING relaxation enhances and reinforces the effect of the spine treatment. Without blockages all systems can flow throw all the organs and balance it. Then we become more effective at work, much kinder with people, healthier and happy. 4) COUNSELING AND EDUCATION ABOUT HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND ALL ITS ASPECTS the WHO has a definition of Health and it says Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the instance of disease or infirmity. Through education and counseling clients find out how to enhance and keep their health. With all of our activities we cover a wide range of health and life quality which helps the whole community to grow in knowledge.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Based on the fact that we are opening the first such Education center concerning the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we are deprived of direct competition and we have an open market to establish ourselves as a market leader. When we take advantage of the benefits of pioneering business ideas on the market, all efforts to set up operations will be directed in the spirit of sustainable development. The clientele that we gain through market penetration we will try to keep their loyalty to the club attitude. Our offer would be formed according to the needs of people with specific dietary and health habits. Driven by the desire for a longer life span of these business ideas, our desire is to create a symbiosis between our commercial efforts and wishes, but particularly the needs (health) of one part of the population. We would use after sale elements with dual objectives: 1) We wish to express concern for the users of our services and thereby establish that even though it is a business cooperation, the emphasis is on the human component. 2) The use of after sale for collecting feedback on the quality / price ratio and services (value for money), references, desires and expectations, and of course whether you have complaints and grievances. Information collected through aftermarket principle, will be used to evaluate past services, and creating business strategies for further development. The main guiding idea that will directly affect the sustainable development key to success includes a symbiotic specific for the needs of our customers and our commercial ideas. By bringing positive changes in the quality of the life of our clients as feedback, we can ensure a long lifetime operation and sustainable development.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The task of the company is that at the local level, by offering its products and services, contributing to a better quality of life to our clients. A market niche is a clients who have a need to live a healthier lifestyle, but also those whose health condition has forced them to such a style. We have based our differentiation on the essence of business witch is the knowledge and studying the function of energy. The quality of our products has been proven; it is for us to introduce them further. Former customers of the treatment of the spine and relaxation are recognizing the value and have shown it through their faithfulness. Primarily we mean the construction of a network of buyers of our products, who then buy at cheaper rates and other benefits. While on the other hand, we have friends of the program who, through their good experience give good recommendations to future customers. Gaining customers, outside of existing databases, we plan to use intensive marketing campaign. As noted above, one of the most important factors of our business is the quality of services and products. This ensures that customers keep coming back and recommend us, which is so far proven to be the best advertisement. Seeing that the costs for starting this business are relatively for initial funding sources we rely on our saved funds, loans from relatives. After establishing the company, the plan is to link up with organizations where our services are required, and to finance a portion of the business through public funding. Other sources of funding are based on profit from the sale of products and services. In Croatia, we are logged into the self-employment system, through which we have the possibility to materialize 50 000.00 Kuna incentives for starting a business.

Your profile

My name is Silvija Josipovic Beronja. Im 28 years old. In the age of 23 I got a degree in Financial Management from Faculty of Economics in Osijek. Last three years I've been learning about healthy and natural living, and through three years of experience in ito Ltd finished and got a "Head of the psychophysical body care and healthy lifestyle" degree and "expert examination of the spine, specialized terapeut for spine, vocational guidance" degree. Worked in customer counseling on a daily basis and last promotion was in Head of Sales. Expirience: Last three years in the E Rejuvenation Centre, ito Ltd, as the enforcer of the psychophysical body care and healthy lifestyle, spine expert and head of sales, Ten months experience working as a HGV in Nova-Lux Ltd, As a student I got a two-year experience working in technical support and troubleshooting requirements of users of telecommunications services for T-Com. I deem myself as a reliable, communicative, responsible and ambitious person, and my professional objective is further research and education in the field of healthy lifestyle. The motivation I have comes from the knowledge that despite my degree in the economics, my real calling is pointed towards knowledge and studying the function of energy. I myself had the experience of reaching a higher quality of health and other life aspects during my work in this field. While working and cooperating with others Ive gained the experience of transfering my knowledge and with that I managed to help them raise the quality of their lives.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, health, food security, elderly, empowerment of women, youth

Spine tretman

Shop with biological supplements, home appliances, natural cosmetic...

Spine meridian chart

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