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Summary of your idea

QUALCOSA is a self-sustaining non-profit project that seeks to coordinate three stages of human beings relating to health, education and nutrition for the improvement of eating habits, quality of life for people who have low economic and efficient use of time which in todays society is really crucial resources. QUALCOSA is the following: QUALCOSA RESTAURANT: The restaurant will offer 100% balanced menus focused on reveling people the properties of all ingredients that are included in the dishes. Because, many times we do not know how each food can contribute to improve the quality of life. Besides, we do not know how a custom diet can help to supply different health necessities. Furthermore, the restaurant will work hand in hand with a mobile application that will allow users to choose their customized daily and / or weekly menu, thus helping to reduce waiting times. Moreover, the restaurant will operate in parallel with a soup kitchen for children from low income so they can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet according to the nutritional needs of each one. This soup kitchen and restaurant will be operated by childrens parents who are in the communal dining. QUALCOSA RECYCLING: This is an integral recycling project that seeks first to contribute to sustainable growth and mitigate the environmental impact created by us. The initiative is divided into the following points: o Project recycles at home: This project will seek that families make the garbage selection process on their home to which subsequently lead to the foundation. The material will be sold or used for the manufacture of home accessories and crafts. o Project recycles and eats: This project will seek that customers be awarded points that can be redeemed for beverages or dishes depending on the number of points. It, just bringing recyclable material.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In my concept the Sustainable Development refers not only to mitigate the impacts that organizations generate on the environment. But also, that people who are involved directly or indirectly with these organizations be educated to live harmoniously with our planet. On the other hand, the Sustainable Development should consider among other things the equitable inclusion of all people who make up our society, as these people undoubtedly are an integral part of the environment because they are human though, this looks clearly affected by individualism and lack of equity in the society in which we live because resources are distributed inappropriately affecting the right to live with dignity. That said, QUALCOSA believes that it is essential to contribute to the development of the society, which is why QUALCOSA besides offering healthy products for a deteriorates society day by day by eating habits also involves aspects such as recycling , education, social inclusion and optimization time. QUALCOSA objectives are: To contribute to healthy eating society Contribute to the optimization of time as an invaluable resource of todays society. Contribute to the economic development of the neediest in monetary terms. Contribute to the education of society in terms of environmentalism. Measures to assess these objectives are: Evaluate customer loyalty and track the health of children who are part of the community kitchen. Keep track of the time saved by using the mobile application. Include children´s families who benefit from the soup kitchen. Conduct periodic assessments of recycling methods implemented in the homes of the families involved in the project.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

COMMISSIONING QUALCOSA RESTAURANT: At first, the idea is contemplated to begin with QUALCOSA restaurant where as a strategy for sales growth, a mobile application that allows users to choose the menu daily and weekly depending on all a number of food needs will be implemented. to complement, the invitation to purchase products offered on behalf of the aid provided to the soup kitchen which will be used by low-income people without messing with the needs of this population. For this part, besides the administrative staff, it will hire nutritionist, kitchen staff and table service where mostly, low-income population will be required. COMMISSIONING QUALCOSA SOUP KITCHEN: Once the people who will access to the communal dining were identified, in principle, people from Ciudad Bolivar. It will proceed to do a nutritional analysis to children participating in the program in order to design an appropriate diet for each child. Subsequently, it will give talks about environmental education and recycling. So, children will make possible the program in internally way. COMMISSIONING QUALCOSA RECYCLING: Once the recycling plan this marching properly internally, it will proceed to multiply the plan in the homes of families who have been involved in the process while there will begin a training for mothers with the help of craftsmen to produce crafts with recycled material. Then we will proceed to invite to QUALCOSA customers who will be active part of the project to which they are rewarded with special discounts on meals in a points system under kilos of recycled material. Qualcosa is thought to start with the balanced meal restaurant which will be financed with funds obtained through pre-approved credits to my name. The reason why it is thought to start with the restaurant because the restaurant profits will be partly financed other projects.

Your profile

I am19 years old, I am from Colombia, Im a student of public accounting from the Externado University of Colombia, through time I have been interested in the various social problems that arise in todays world and I have the conviction that our existence must be accompanied with a balance as to what social concerns. Because, otherwise they will continue presenting issues that directly impact on the dignity of all people, by individualism. Moreover, I think the success of my idea won´t be only because the potential that I could have as a person. So, you could have proper qualities and skills. But, if you do not work with a proper team, your ideas only will be ideas. Therefore instead of highlighting the personal qualities to me is important to emphasize the qualities that we would have as a society such as leadership, tolerance, humility, productivity, persistence among others, those things only if you think about work towards goals common that make people happier individuals every day. Moreover what motivates me of the initiative is to contribute my bit to build a better society, living in harmony not only with each other but also live harmoniously with our environment that is deteriorating day by individualistic thinking. To conclusion I propose to children as the engine of my project because only with the construction of new generation happy without resentments, we will manage different societies to improve my country, Colombia.

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planning stage, start-up stage

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education, health, food security, poverty reduction, youth, other: technology

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July 28, 2014 18:39

This is a good Idea and I have Voted for this.
I wish all the Best for the Team of QUALCOSA RESTAURANT and Hope it will be the Next generation Restaurant start up.

July 28, 2014 17:08


July 8, 2014 00:01

Peter, Thanks fot your opinion !!

July 7, 2014 16:17

exotic idea!

July 1, 2014 14:53

I just voted for you at 157, i do hope you and your friends replicate my kind gesture at


Best regards

June 26, 2014 16:14

I´m grateful with your opinion.

I agree, QUALCOSA is an idea that can improve the way how the actual society eat. Moreover, QUALCOSA can help to improve our environment and the lifestyle of the low economic resources people.


June 25, 2014 04:01

This is a very good idea to help poor people with poor eating habits that include under- or over-eating, not having enough of the healthy foods we need each day, or consuming too many types of food and drink, which are low in fibre or high in fat, salt and/or sugar.

These unhealthy eating habits can affect our nutrient intake, including energy (or kilojoules) protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals as well as fibre and fluid.