HOPE: Human Oneness and Peace through English – A Global Initiative

Published on June 27, 2014 um 17:59

Summary of your idea

The idea is to create a unique one stop online resource center for learners/teachers of English language that promotes peace and cultural diversity based on the concept of human oneness. First, a website would be created to provide teaching-learning resources for all levels. All content accessible on the site would be focused on the underlying oneness, offering a glimpse into the amazingly wonderful cultural diversity of our world. Registered individual users could win appreciation from HOPE by getting an institution (school/college) to register. Teachers of English from across the globe would be registered content developers to develop content in tune with the objectives of HOPE. Classification systems would be used to organize data on the website based on aspects of ELL/ELT and country/culture from where it is sourced. High school students/undergrads could take up mini projects to study and understand how various traditional knowledge systems and cultures could be incorporated into the process of language learning. Select projects would be awarded certificates of merit. Promotional strategies such as free newsletters, complimentary tools, online chat sessions, webinars in addition to quality services and regular updates of website can ensure repeat business and customer satisfaction. The subscription business model of monthly/ annual membership fees guarantees an upfront profit to the distributor and delivers value for money to the client in terms of access to teaching-learning materials/resources. Most institution/individual members can save on what they would have spent on buying books/attending courses and benefit significantly by registering at HOPE because it covers all aspects of language learning and offers ample practice material, tests and online guidance from experts. As an e-business HOPE can reduce business operating costs in several areas such as transactions, customer relations, maintaining database, number of employees, besides saving time to focus on profit making, development and expansion.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target group includes learners/users of English language across the globe, which is billions of people. It does not exclude use of the source by native speakers of the language as well, because the scope for knowing and understanding other peoples and cultures makes it an interesting and exciting experience. Visitors to the HOPE website and users of the content provided would certainly return to it because it connects a very large and diverse user group. The simplicity of the concept makes it practical and financially feasible. The impact can be unimaginably huge in terms of spreading awareness about different cultures from across the globe. It would certainly impact the field of education in a big way by as there is scope for expansion into other study areas/subjects including sciences/social sciences/arts. HOPE offers infinite possibility of spreading the message of world peace and respect for various cultures by offering them the simple yet beautiful perspective of human oneness/universal oneness. Use of content accessible at HOPE would help learners/ teachers alter existing values and practices that are divisive, not as a reaction against them but through understanding the process of life and the common human craving for happiness and peaceful living. Individual/institutional users act as catalysts for cultural renewal, promoters of cultural diversity and peace. HOPE has the scope to develop into a solid chain of transmission of education for peace and positive growth.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

It would be first launched in India. Eventually it would grow into a platform that provides a one-stop resource center for English language learners/teachers across the globe. The innovative advertising campaign will contribute significantly in developing the idea into a sustainable business model. At present 64 experienced teachers and subject experts in India have voluntarily developed content for the HOPE initiative. This certainly helps at the start up stage. Administrative heads and language teaching departments of hundreds of schools and colleges would be contacted via mail and wherever possible through personal contact, and the proposal would be presented to them. Registration as institutional members gives them the opportunity to use all the material uploaded by various experts. Individual learners/ teachers would also be contacted via e-mail/ social networking sites for individual registrations. Bulk mails would be avoided to maintain confidentiality of e-mail IDs. Revenue generation through a large number of registrations is ensured by an affordable fee. Learners would be charged lower registration fee than teachers. Initial surveys have established that HOPE is certain to get a minimum of 1000 registrations within 2 weeks of its launch and have a sizeable client base within 2 months of launch. The amount raised through transactions pays for the content, services, web hosting and little else. Profits will be reinvested in lateral project expansion in terms of addition of teaching-learning areas/subjects and inclusion of more countries and cultures making it a truly global initiative. The business development idea is cost effective and feasible. Special concessions and offers would be given to individual users and schools that are located in small villages and are not commercially run. Certain NGOs and corporates (through CSR activities) have given assurance of their participation in the publicity by spreading awareness about HOPE.

Your profile

I am 21 years old, just finished my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering; currently working on this project idea and a few others. I enjoy playing football. I read very little but absorb what I do. I have always believed that everyone has a right to peace and happiness but this cannot be brought about by reactionary means. This idea is an attempt to reinforce and promote the concept that a positive approach built on a sound factual base of self-knowledge would have tremendous impact. The origin of this idea lies perhaps in absorbing the concept of human oneness advocated by great persons like Swami Vivekananda, Nelson Mandela, and the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , youth


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