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Summary of your idea

The Institute when created will among others: Use Information Technology as a tool in making automobile repairs more attractive to the youth. This would be achieved by incorporating a computer training unit to the workshop to first prepare the students on the basic knowledge needed to use Information Technology to solve basic problems before introducing the concept of computer diagnosis of automobiles to them. It is expected that this idea would make mechanical workshop not to be seen as a dirty man job, but rather make it look polished for our youth roaming the street to harness the opportunity available in this area of endevour. This Idea is born from the fact that automobile repair have been relegated to the background due to obsolete and crook method of finding fault and repairs. The use of ICT will not only boost the capacity of the work force but also make the business more lucrative so as to accommodate more youth and empower them with the necessary skills to accept automobile repairs as a job to rely upon for survival and development. Vehicle diagnostics are the mechanics involved with identifying and assessing problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle. Mechanics may employ a wide range of techniques and tools in conducting vehicle diagnostics, ranging from cursory physical checks to oral interview of the vehicle owners on their experiences before, during and after the fault develops. The use of computer-based analysis is an easy and one time solution to sophisticated problem solution in Nigeria. Our objective is to Established a world class Computer based Mechanical Workshop that would use ICT to provide the full benefit of Automobile repairs.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea will among others: 1. Create jobs for our numerous youth graduating from various institution of higher learning in Nigeria. 2. Make automobile repairs more attractive to the youth who after graduating roam the street looking for white collar jobs courtesy of the use of Information Technology to solve practical problems. 2. The centre if established will create an enabling environment for transfer technology from companies like Michelin, Peugeot, Toyota, Kia and Honda. This can only be possible if the centre in developed and registered appropriately. 3. Empower the youth to be employers of labour 4. Create competition and restore confidence in automobile industry as middle men power technician would be empowered and trained. 5. Ensure good knowledge on maintenance and training in sophisticated vehicle. 6. Be a breeding ground for refurbishment and rehabilitation of used vehicle there empower us to be echoed among the best in preventive and curative maintenance. Sometime in the past, vehicles have been put off road courtesy of inability to find faults leading to the malfunction of part or entire engine. This results to damage of the part or condemnation of the entire engine. We believe that there are a lot of prospect on Nigeria road as abandoned sophisticated vehicle littered all over our existing workshops. If the opportunity is given to us, we believe that we shall not only put back to use most of this vehicle but convert most of these scraps to wealth.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The centre would be designed in such a manner that all the aspect of automobile is fully incorporated. There would be Engine section, Tyre service section, body section and as well as the computer training centre and cyber cafe to aid in research. The computer training section will equip our staff and students on the modern technology needed in the maintenance industry, as well as empower them to be employers of labour. It will also be a means of generating revenue internally, for sustainability. Used cars would be purchased, revived and sold to enhance our revenue base. Good space would be sought to display some of our products and accommodate our numerous activities. We shall try to customize our operation to cope with emerging challenges not envisage from the beginning in services, pricing and sales. To achieve the objective of this business, funds would be sourced from agency like youth Empowerment Development programme and a Computer Diagnosis Kits would be purchased. To cut down cost, this business will be established where commercial activities are at the peak so as to make the general public feel the impact of this technology. A toying van would be purchased to make evacuation of broken down vehicle to our workshop easier. Land would be acquired not close to the metropolis to minimize noise pollution. We shall emphasize high value, high quality products and services of ICT in Automobile Maintenance through adequate publicity and Build a relationship oriented business. Government agencies and big corporation shall be our initial market destination. This business may require about twenty five million to commence and cold generate about twenty to thirty permanent employment and over twenty five temporary employments. It is envisage that this is an expanding business based on its peculiarity.

Your profile

Born on 13th day of May, 1986, I am a Bachelor of Science holder in Economics from University of Jos Nigeria and Diploma holder in Computer Appreciation. I hail from Bogoro Local Government Area of Bauchi State. I am married to Engineer CO Ogumka a Mechanical Engineer from Abia State and also a registered engineer with COREN. Presently he is a Master Student at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi studding Production Engineering. He is my mentor and chief consultant. He has passion for environmental harmony and youth development. More also, my husband has attended several engineering workshop hosted by the Nigerian Society of Engineers which place him as a key component in the building of an all encompassing computer based diagnosis automobile workshop that could be reckon with in Nigeria. I believe that with his support and encouragement I shall achieve my dreams of becoming one of the best entrepreneurs in Nigeria. This is possible because as an economist, collaborating with an engineer will no doubt create an enabling environment for creativity to strive for the overall benefit of us and the society in general. Am into Information Technology while searching for other job or an opportunity to establish what I think will create millions of Job in the long run and empower me financially.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, youth

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