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Published on June 21, 2014 um 15:50

Summary of your idea

the children we are talking about today, all of them, we need them to grow up and be doctors and lawyers and engineers and teachers because we need them to rebuild their countries, to stabilize their countries and to eventually lead their countries one day. so i ask you not to think of them as tens of millions strong that, with support will do amazing things" Angelina Jolie Wars in the world effect on the young generation especially when it is related into studying. Syria,Iraq,Myanmar,Central Africa and many other countries which exhausted of wars, and it is clear that these wars wont end in a short period. so we have to support the students especially college students "ungraduated students", now i am going to explain and show my view about raising the level of education in these countries and creating a new generation to rebuild their countries. the main idea is to adopt those countries students by institutions and international organisations,this institutions will send the students to study abroad in safe countries and respectable universities for 6 years or less, during this time we have to support them financially.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

now i am going to take some examples about what i have reported in the first section: Syria: the bloodiest war in the 21th century , lots of college students escaped to the surrounding countries "Turkey,Lebanon,Jordan,Egypt" we can connect with these students and support there ambitions. Myanmar: lots of students escaped to Bangladesh left there dreams in there homeland living without hope, also in Myanmar we can connect with students in Bangladesh and send them abroad to continue there studying. In Syria and Myanmar we can get help from the national students organisations, we can do the same in Sudan, Central Africa,etc.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We could get help from international organisation i will mention some of these organisations: IEFA: international finance aid in the united states. NAFSA: association of international educators. IIE: institute of international education. CIEE: council for international educational exchange. CIES: council for the international exchange of scholars. NSERC: natural sciences and engineering research council of Canada. AAUW education foundation. insted of donors and benefactors. the most important question: WHO TO MAKE IT DURABLE? when the student from the damaged countries by the war complete their studying they will work in their societies to improve there country which needs there efforts but they have 36 months to repay the same amount of money which they have spent in their studying years, we could transfer this money to adopt other student , this way we can educate the largest number of young student by the same amount of money.

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i am Taleb from Syria , i was studying medicine in Syria , now i am trying to enter a new university in Turkey because i am living there as a refugee. this is not my idea it is my pain and the of my brothers "refugees" all over the world.

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conceptual stage

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education, youth, other: creating an educated generation to rebuild their countries

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