ICT Education for Kids in Computing Programming in Nigeria

Published on June 21, 2014 um 15:59

Summary of your idea

Objectives: To Increase Educational standard in Schools and among kids. To empower Kids right from childhood. To promote information Technology among kids with Positive influence on their lives. To help kids to choose a career path of their interest in Information Technology. To increase productivity among kids and self-reliant. To change the Country Negative image to a positive one among kids initiative programs. To create professionals and Experts in Information Technology. To give the less privilege children hopes. Activities Campaigning the program to schools Administrators and Owner to get involved. Sending Proposal Campaign to Schools in the Country. Helping School owner and administrators to see the benefit of ICT in their Educational System. Helping parent to get the necessary awareness on ICT for their kids and how they can use parental Control efficiently to prevent kids from associating with Bad association. Creating Jobs for Youths in the country with the program. Providing a universal Standard Curriculum for learning. Visiting schools every week to lecture and Train them with new technology based on the Age groups. Innovative Approach Providing Scholarships and Grants for exceptional kids in the schools. Provide part-time Jobs for kids at a very young age even while in school. Scheduling a boot camping on Technology for Kids on summer holidays. Creating a group of young professional with innovative minds. Reducing Unemployment among the youth and making them productive to the society. Creating a club for young ICT professionals in Africa (Nigeria).

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Target of Our Idea/Innovation. The Program will bring a unified educational System among Schools in the Country or a Specific Geographical area. It will bring kids from Africa (Nigeria) known to the rest of the world as Africa young minds, innovators, entrepreneurs and Technologists. It will enhance the kids Individual ability to use his/her dominants side of the brain effectively in thinking, solving a Universal or Unique problems. To help in increasing educational Standard of every Nigerian kids. Create Self-reliant and self-sufficient orientations in kids for their benefits and that of their parents. Create a global village of Like-minds that strive to improve living standard of every African (Nigerian) family with team works. Measure of Evaluating Success Efficient Use of Information Technology among kids. Kids and Youth financial Independent as long as they are making good use of their training efficiently Reduction in the rate of Cyber-crime among youths. Having kids that has gone through this program as an ambassador for Africa at other Continents around the world

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Plans for Implementation and Sustainability After the acceptance of the School of this campaign, a pair of Tutor employed with will be assigned to a School per week, with a billable hour of 2 to 3hours of services to a school every week. Our Tutors will be visiting the schools to lecture the kids based on ICT Curriculum available by our Enterprise. Our mode of Tutoring is through multimedia medium (Laptops or Tablets, projectors and Screens), because we believe graphical teaching is easily absorb by kids than the teaching board available in schools. The program will run with every school term i.e. 14 weeks of school activities. On every 7th week of the school term, a competition will take place at the Local Government level for all schools in a particular local government that subscribe to this program. And at the end of the 14th week there will also be a state competitions for every top runner schools at every local government in that state. Every Competition level is attracted to incentive prices, Scholarship grants for kids in those top runner schools of the competition. Finance: This program will be finance by each student parent or guardians at a cost of N10000 in Nigeria Currency ($61). This is at the rate of $61 for 4-months. With this finance structure design by our enterprise, we aim to meet various type of expenses that we will incur on this program implementation to achieve our goals of this innovation. Collaboration: We aim to achieve this project with our collaboration with Code.org which is an American based organization that render such services like ours to kids in America and Europe.

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Im Oyeku Ebenezer Damilare, I was born on 2nd January 1988 in the city of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, West-Africa. My parent names are Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oyeku, I am the last of the four kids of my parent. My parent arent privileged to have a good education but they value it so much that they endeavor that everyone of their kids will be educated. I was privilege to attend good elementary school down to high school years. After my graduation in high school I was privilege to take an ICT Scholarship exam with an Information Technology institute (NIIT) and I was privilege to an outstanding winner of the scholarship to study Oracle 10g Database administrator. After my training I was certified as Oracle 10g Professional Administrator from Oracle University. That achievement triggered my interest in ICT as a Career. Years later I was also graduate as Professional Diploma in Software Engineering and I was able to go for my Bachelors Degree in Computing Sciences at the University of Greenwich, UK. I graduated in as a BSc Holder in June 2012. Motivation: My motivation came from my childhood, past job experiences, Educational achievement, Travels and horrible experience of my health issue some years back. All the above stated condition motivated me to decide that I want to make a change in Africa most especially by starting from my Country of Citizenship (Nigeria). I believe that despite the corrupt leader in the Political System of the Country I can make a difference by equipping the kids with the knowledge I have acquired in the past educational and Life experiences.

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start-up stage

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education, poverty reduction, youth

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