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Summary of your idea

kick poverty Agricultural enterprise Uganda is a youth enterprise which will involves ten youths in commercial growing of crops like ground nuts, maize, soya beans, cassava and rice. The main objective of the enterprise is to: To grow three acres each of the above named crops every planting season. The activities of the enterprise will include hire of land for growing of crops, the land will be cleared and both first and second ploughing done. After the land has been ploughed, the crops will be planted. The enterprise will plant improved quality seeds and planting material such as cassava steams whose yields are very high. The enterprise will use recommended spacing and spraying which will give high yields. Both first, second and to some crops third and fourth weeding will be done. After weeding, the enterprise will then wait for the crops to mature and then harvesting of the crops will be done and marketing of the produce will follow. The innovation of the enterprise is that the enterprise is going to apply recommended improved scientific approach to produce very high yields. The enterprise will use two set of oxen to provide plough services will is cost effective and most of the labor force will be provided by the members themselves.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The enterprise will generate income to the ten youths in the group. These youths will be employed in agricultural sector and the standard of living of the youths will improve. The enterprise targets to produce three tones each of the crops mentioned above per season. This is expected to raise an income of about US$ 10,000 per season from the sale of produce. In one year there are two seasons. The enterprise will measure and evaluate its success by having proper books of records where by all the expenditures incurred to produce the crops will be recorded and income received will also be recorded. This will help the enterprise to make better decisions for the betterment of the enterprise and will be in position to evaluate success or failure of the enterprise.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

After securing the funds, the enterprise will start off by purchasing one set two set of oxen with oxen ploughs (eight oxen). The oxen will be trained on how to plough. The enterprise will then look for fertile land to hire and after hiring the land, the land will be cleared and both first and second ploughing will take place using oxen. After second ploughing, the selected crops above will be planted. Those that require spraying like ground nuts and soya beans spraying will be done. First, second, third and fourth weeding will be done to some crops. After weeding, the crops will take some time to mature and monitoring of the crops will be done and the crops are mature, the crops will be harvested and after harvesting the crops will be marketing. Apart from the members who will provide labor, some labor will be hired to help work in the garden. The finance needed for this enterprise total to US$ 10,000 and the expected source of finance include grants, equity and loans. The main collaborator in this enterprise is the district agricultural officer and agricultural extension offices who will provide technical assistance towards the achievements of the enterprise.

Your profile

My names are Akongo Benza I am 29 years old. I studied in a remote school in the rural village and I stopped in senior three due to lack of school fees. Both my parents are from very poor back ground and they could not afford paying for me the school fees so I dropped out of school and I did a course in tailoring and I got a certificate. I am a leader of a youth group called In God we trust Framers and Development association. We are ten in number both male and female. I like agriculture and I am earning a living through growing of crops. I have mobilized the youths and we have formed this farmers group to help us come out of poverty and we would like to go commercial in growing of crops. I am a person who like working together with other people and I work tirelessly to see to it that what I want to achieve is achieved.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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