Laundary soap making enterprise

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Summary of your idea

Laundry /washing soap making enterprise is a cottage industry which will produce washing soap locally at home using raw materials such as gastric soda, pure palm oil, palm oil, color , water and perfume. Some of these raw materials will be bought and some will be got locally. The main objective of the enterprise is to manufacture 1000 bars of laundry soap per month. The soap will be manufactured locally at home and then distributed to out let points like retail soaps and markets. The enterprise will also sell the soap using other marketing methods like door to door sale in which sales men will be given commission for the sales made. The enterprise is innovative because the soap that is going to be manufactured is of good quality, the size is bigger than the soap sold now and it is going to be thinker and durable. The soap will have a very good smell and the price will be a little bit lower than the present price of the same product sold in the market. Research has been carried out and a sample of soap made and the demand for this homemade soap is very high and the market is very wide. Every home in Uganda uses at least a bar of washing soap per week and no home in Uganda can do without washing soap. Most rural people use the washing soap for bathing as well.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The enterprise is going to target its customers who are the rural people and semi- urban people who like to use this type of product of soap the enterprise is going to manufacture because of its durability and affordable cost. The customers are low income earners who have the potential of buying this soap because it is a necessity in a home. The enterprise expects to employ about 10 people and these will be able to earn income and have improved standard of living. The people who will use this type of soap will have to save some of their income due to the durability of the product. Instead of buying every four days a bar of soap, they will only buy one bar which will last for a week or more hence making the customers to save some money for other developments. The enterprise targets to produce 1000 bars of soap per month and this will raise an estimated income of US$ 2000 per month for the start and production will increase as demand increases. To measure and evaluate success of the enterprise, the enterprise will have in place books of records from production to sales and the records will help show very clearly if there is success or not.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The enterprise will kick start by first constructing a production unit with a store where the soap will be stored. This will be a three roomed house constructed using poles with mud and iron sheets for the roof. The enterprise will then purchase all the needed inputs and production will start off. The enterprise will also advertise the product through the use of posters and local radio station in our area. The enterprise will also organize a four day work shop for the workers to be equipped and empower them with fresh skills and knowledge for soap production and marketing. The financing source for this enterprise is not yet secured but it will include loan, grants and equity. The total funds needed are US$15,000 and the funds will be used for the construction of production unit, purchase of raw materials needed and the marketing of the product and paying the workers. The enterprise will sustain itself by banking all the profits generated and in two years the enterprise will scale up production.

Your profile

My name is kanya Robert born in 1986; I studied in a very remote area from primary level to secondary level. In my secondary level I was a leader in the school. After completion of my senior six, I joined Uganda College of commerce Tororo where I studied a diploma in business administration and I was elected to hold the office of finance in the guide office. I completed in 2011 but due to unemployment situation in our country, I have not been able to get a job. Right now I am operating small retail soap in the outcast of Tororo town. My small retail soap is generating small income to help sustain me and our family. Now I need to move to another stage in business by manufacturing washing soap. I will be very successful when I use the knowledge and skill I have got in the college and in the business I am operating. I am a person who does not fear to take risks and I do not give up when I want to do something. So together with my group members who will also bring to the enterprise the skills and knowledge they have we going to succeed very well and business will make good profits which will help us earn income thus making us employed.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, poverty reduction, youth

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