five eggs for half a dollar poultry enterprise

Published on June 21, 2014 um 16:29

Summary of your idea

Five eggs for half a dollar poultry enterprise is going to be a business which will raise poultry birds (layers) for the purpose of producing eggs. The eggs will be sold to get income. The objective of the enterprise is to raise 1000 layer birds which will produce 200,000 eggs. The activities will include the construction of a poultry house, when the house is ready, poultry equipments and feeds will be purchased and lastly one day old chicks will be purchased and then the enterprise will start the work. After some period of feeding the poultry, the birds will start producing eggs and the enterprise will collect the eggs and market them. There is a very high demand for the eggs and the market is very wide. The enterprise is innovative in that it is going to use highly scientific approach in keeping the birds and the chicken droppings are going to be decomposed and used as mature to help provide fertility of the soils. The customers will access the products at the market, local trading centers shops, and hotels. Our products will be sold at a relatively lower cost so that many customers are able to buy our products. The enterprise will use media such as local radio station and posters to inform the general public about our products.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The enterprise targets to raise 1000 birds which will produce about 200,000 eggs in a laying period and this will raise an income of about US$ 15,000 together with the off layers which will be sold. The income raised will help a lot in reducing poverty. The eggs that will be sold at an affordable cost and many people will be in position to consume the eggs which will help improve on the nutrition of the people and peoples health will improve greatly. Books of records will be used to record down expenditure and the eggs collected every day. This will make the enterprise evaluate itself.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The enterprise is a business model which is going to raise layer birds which will produce eggs for sale. The birds will be raised in a poultry house using intensive methods and highly scientific practice will be employed to raise the birds. The birds will be exotic in nature. Poultry feeds will be used for feeding of these birds and poultry vaccines will be used to prevent poultry being attacked by diseases. The enterprise needs US$ 15,000 for raising the poultry farm and the collaborator will be district agricultural office who will provide the technical advice. The enterprise will use part of income raised to scale up the enterprise in two years time when some income has been raised.

Your profile

My name is Odulla Joseph 30 years old. I am married. I am a secondary school teacher. During my primary and secondary level of education, I was a perfect. I am a social entrepreneur and I like under taking business ventures what limits me is lack of funds. I attended a global knowledge conference in Kuala Lumpur as a social young entrepreneur and this conference was of great importance to me. I got a lot of information, knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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