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Published on February 18, 2014 um 17:38

Summary of your idea

wastes spread around us everywhere in the streets, houses and universities. This has become a normal condition and a part of our daily lives every day. Therefore, with the spread of this phenomenon and low awareness among many people and the lack of wastes collection companies and recycling at the local level. So is the process of collecting wastes in general and assembly of plastic, metal, particularly from the operations, which has become a concern to many people in the previous period. So this proposed project was born of the need to get rid of this waste. This project can be done in urban areas and near to the consumption of these wastes such as (Restaurants Cafes universities) it can also be performed in the rural areas of the places of wastes frequently. And therefore this project is based on two main phases: First: in the city of Mansoura by assembling plastic and metal waste in the university and nearby restaurants and cafes in a big store and then supply to recycling factories and customers to export abroad. Given that this role is responsibility of the local units of the governorate and which do for free. And recognition of everyone not to get this service as required. It was agreed with the university to get these target wastes free of charge, but only to provide boxes for an assembly in addition to organizing some identifiable seminars for students to work on educating young people of the importance of this project. It has also been agreed with most of the restaurants in order to get the wastes without charge, but few of these restaurants confirmed desire to cooperate with us but for put its logo of restaurant on the collection boxes. On the other hand, showed that all the officials in the cafes have a great desire to cooperate with us without any conditions. Second: in some rural villages next to the city of Mansoura through a full wastes collection and sorting in an agricultural plot of land and then sold through a variety of sources. Where in villages spread the idea of wastes collection by the local units and then stored in garbage dumps without any benefit from them. And therefore it was agreed with some government officials to provide 3 vehicles of wastes a day from about 10 villages belonging to the city of Mansoura against 30 pounds for the vehicle and then we sort them in order to get the plastic and metal wastes in order to supply to recycling factories or to be exported. As for the rest of the wastes will be sold to farmers in these villages in order to be used as organic fertilizer to the soil and therefore this will be a secondary source of profit for the project. In short: Input: plastic and metal wastes. Suppliers: University restaurants cafes rural villages. Customers: The owners of agricultural land (simple client). The owners of recycling factories and exporting companies (a strong client).

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Advantages of the idea of the project are based in.. Environmental benefits: Reduce concentrations of harmful waste that lead to many diseases. Increase sustainable development, by reducing the production of waste, and reuse to achieve dependence on local materials and recycling, and so on until the life cycle continues. Social Benefits: Provide job opportunities for young people and contribute to solving the problem of unemployment. Lead to a cleaner environment, and good environment gives you a comfortable feeling and spread joy and happiness on the faces of citizens. Pure environment and clean society are civilized appearance of the Egyptian people in the center of the world. Economic benefits: Reduce the cost of disposing of waste. Convert waste from a burden on the state and the citizen to a source to activate trade dealing to generate large profits for all parties.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Customer Analysis. Through the study of the market in the first phase of the project will be dealing with two types of customers: Waste Export Companies. Ex: C. Home company and Green Company in Alexandria. Aluminum Recycling Factories. Ex: Abul-Enein Factories in Mit Ghamr and Kafr Bhidh Factory. It was agreed with all of these customers for supplying plastic and metal waste, both for exporting or recycling. As for the part of organic waste will be sold to farmers in villages as fertilizer for the soil. Competitor Analysis. After the marketing studying, the market in the current period dont contain of any strong competitors, but there are competitors have an influence on the movement and the direction of the market. 1. charitable organizations. 2. Scavenger. In this project, the target market will be Integral to two regions: The first zone: Represented in the city of Mansoura This market includes the University of Mansoura, about 25 restaurant and 22 Cafe will be dealing with all of them. This region is characterized frequently use the materials used as inputs in the project is also characterized by easily communicate and collaborate with clients as a result of the presence of a very good transport network. The second zone: Is a collection of rural villages, which are spread around the city of Mansoura, they are (Maasara, Sntmay, Kom El Nour, Mitt Mehsen, Kafr Bhidh, Damas, Beshla, Snva, Mitt Naji, Dkados) This region is characterized by getting waste easily under the supervision of the government for a small sum of money and it is close to suppliers and customers. Pricing Strategy. I depended on penetration method in pricing the service. The advantages of penetration pricing to my company are: It can result in fast diffusion. This can achieve high market penetration rates quickly. It can create goodwill among the early adopters segment. It creates cost control and cost reduction pressures from the start, leading to greater efficiency. It discourages the entry of competitors. Low prices act as a barrier to entry.

Your profile

A Fresh Graduate from Zagazig University with an interest in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and marketing. Extra Curricular Activities: Vice project manager in ENACTUS ZU. Chairman of the Economic Committee in the Youth Parliament of Mit-Ghamr City. Member in Schizophrenia in the PR Committee. Member in Mansoura UNESCO CLUB in Academic Committee. Member in TEDxMansoura in the Talks Team and Coordination Team. Member in IVLO (International Volunteers Legion Organization) High Education Committee. Ambassador for osharek Egyptian Social Networking Site. Member in To Be Or Not To Be Team for E-Marketing. Member in AUC developers INC, Economic development committee. Member in El-Sawy Culture Wheel. Member in Library of the U.S. Embassy. Volunteer in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Zagazig University. Volunteer in Resala Association. Honors & Awards A Study Tour to England December 2013 During the competition organized by The Egyptian Banking Institute in collaboration with Tyro and The British Council about the Entrepreneurship field in Egypt. The best project in STP competition. March 2013 During the competition which was in collaboration with the Nile University and the Student Activity STP in Cairo Engineering. Diamond Wastes project which is my team project has been selected as the best project in the competition. From the best fifty idea to rebuild Egypt 2011 During the competition organized by the U.S. embassy every year my idea has been selected as one of the best fifty project to rebuild Egypt. It was about how to connect Government educational institutions and private enterprises to fill the gap between education and employment.

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