Polyjute: The Fiber polythene

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Summary of your idea

Goal: A view to produce Eco-friendly, biodegradable, cheap and convenient packages by producing fiber polythene. Motto: Jute for green packaging. Production blueprint: Fiber polythene will be produced with polymer granules but mashed jute fibers will be inserted in the producing time making it bio-degradable. Polymer will provide elasticity and jute fiber will provide strength. D2W additives/ Maleic Anhydride will make it water resistant but degradable in water pressure. The ratio of Jute:Polymer is 1:1. Important Features of the product: 1) Combination of strength and elasticity, 2) Biodegradable fibers (jute), 3) Cheap and diverse applications of polythene packages, 4) Recyclable and reusable to some extent. 5) Water resistant but degradable on huge water pressure. Benefits: Jute will have a sustainable market of at least 20% of its production, increasing internal consumption and production of jute. Reduction of packaging cost and paper usage providing cost benefit for packaging industry and export oriented businesses. Poly-jute is low of cost and easily marketable; The process will have environment friendly production methods, raw materials, reduced green energy planning, chimney to exhale smoke higher and ETP plant.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Clients: Shopping mall, super shops, high-profile companies and export oriented industries Economic Impacts: 1.Increasing and stimulating local production of products and fibers, export revenue contributing our economy in 3-5 years. 2.Jute will have a sustainable market of at least 20% of production at mass production of poly-jute, increasing internal consumption and production of jute. 3. Reducing packaging cost and paper usage providing cost benefit for packaging. 4. Bright export opportunity in developed, developing and under-developed markets. 4. Each business unit is capable of employing 75 people and multiples will create more employment. 5. Huge Tax and VATs for government. Comparison and Environment friendliness: Poly-jute will make less pollution in environment against its competing products like nylon bags, paper bags, fabric bags and imported bags. Nylon bags are made of synthetic fabrics polluting environment in production process. Fabric bags are costly,non-lasting,expensive and rely on cotton and other fabrics. Paper bags waste paper and have negative impact on environment by cutting down trees and usage and discharge of chemicals. Imported bags are not sustainable with poor fabrics and tissue, poor properties and low attractiveness and wastes huge foreign remittance of Bangladesh. Also, most of these products are hazardous to environment once exposed. Poly-jute is low of cost, D2W additives/maleic anhydride will make it bio-degradable by relieving bonding atoms under huge pressure of soil, water or sewage, not creating impediment in environment cycle for longer years. The process has environment friendly production methods, raw materials, reduced green energy planning, chimney to exhale smoke higher and ETP plant which reduces water consumption and re-uses water. Evaluation: SWOT analysis; PEST analysis; Break-even point; Maintaining working capital and other analysis tools. Exit strategy: If any segment fails to click, the particular will be halted or shut down after assessment and concentration will be refocused.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Organization structure: Private Limited Company (Share-holders:10) Name: Plutus Packaging Co.(Pvt)Limited Factory: Gazipur Type: Manufacturing Raw materials: Jute; D2W additives/ Maleic Anhydride; antistatic-masterbatch, polymer granulates. Investment: Start-up cost:$2 million Authorized capital:$10 million Financing Start-up: Venture capital 83.33%, Lease 16.67%. Target Market: Shopping mall, super shops, book stores, high profile vendor companies and export oriented clients like garments and frozen food. Organization & Management: Centralized- horizontal management; process and functional departmentalization, innovative and reasonable production and prioritizing strong marketing.Workers and employees will be provided with lucrative salaries with benefits and incentives. Trade union will be allowed with limited scope. Safety measures will be taken in office and production facility with utmost care preventing accidents. Manpower: For Start-up: Around 10 labours and 5 employees. Investors will lead the administrative roles. Optimum: 50 labours and 20 employees. Departments: Start-up: R&D, Marketing, Production, Client management and Customer relationship and Finance & Accounting. At optimum level: Apart from mentioned, Finance;Information system; IT. Potential Earnings (first year production at conservative pricing): excluding tax $ 340,000 Markup price: around 15%-25% varying on the products. Product Pricing: General packaging bags(18"X12"):$0.033 Quality Shopping bags(24"X12"):$0.084 Export oriented packaging bags:$6.67/Kg equivalent of 300 units of standard packaging bags(12"X12") Competing against price of: Nylon net bag:$ 0.06 Paper shopping bag (ordinary):$ 0.05 Quality bags:$ 0.1-0.13 Fabric bags: $ 0.1-0.23 Imported Chinese bags:$ 0.083-0.17 Polythene rolls:$ 6.67/kg The price as differentiated gives competitive advantage to poly-jute, regardless the product will be offered at less price mentioned and will reduce further because of bulk production. Marketing strategies: 1)Nationwide promotion through personal marketing and providing free samples. 2)Product will be offered at or below market-price. 3)Enterprise will handle sales for packaging bags and shopping bags. 4)Manufacturing companies will be dealt by client management. 5)Exporting products from next year of the initial production.

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Fahim Hassan Age: 19 Date of Birth:11.05.1995 Profession: Student [Department of Finance (2nd Year); University of Dhaka]; Consulting teacher at UCC coaching. Others: Executive Member at Dhaka University Career Club. Objective: I am willing to learn and practice the vast art of professionalism and want to expand my knowledge, experience and capability through working into diversified areas. I am also interested in developing relationship for mutual benefit. I look forward to excel at being best in completing task provided to me to the satisfaction. Motivations to my success: Hardworking; Committed to work and responsibilities; Capable providing feedback in pressure; Punctual; Eager to learn; Generate ideas and work according to the directives; Quick learner. Interests: Listening music Watching movies Playing games Reading newspaper Learning

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