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Summary of your idea

In every country, friends and family always gather themselves with food and drinks. just enjoying and bonding together in a good mood and amicable setting. Now if a family or a group of friends do this often, they surely will create stronger ties and relationships Unity throughout neighboring countries is continuously needed especially today, amid political misunderstanding and dispute, my idea is the creation of Asian Food Convention. The plan is to establish a business that comprises a number of international cuisines under one assembly. Countries like Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam etc. are included as Member Countries Its a place where a variety of authentic dishes are served. You can have Filipino food with Vietnamese coffee for breakfast, Thai for lunch and Sushi for dinner! What a delectable experience! And we will also have cultural shows and displays from all the Member Countries to showcase their talents and beautiful artistry as entertainment for our visitors. So its basically like a tour all over Asia in just one place. There will also be a little of Historic studies to include to the educational segment, so that the people will know a deeper knowledge of their neighboring country, and will surely create empathy and affinity between them. To heighten the very knowledgeable experience of the visitor, i also plan on selling books that is written by scholars that represent a Member Country, translated in English. To satisfy the curiosity in other visitors head about a certain study, in a certain nation, and can certainly provide further knowledge for some students of social studies and also aid publishers make known their brilliant writers Most importantly, tourists all over the world can socialize and acquaint with each other. Getting to know and make friends.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The point here is to unite the Asian countries through food, culture and art; I expect an international encounter of citizens in this business. Because i believe that is step one in the path to peace.. I also expect this business to help in the food and tourism industry and stimulate the economy of the Asian nations I am also planning to establish alongside this project an Asian Youth Convention, where in the same sense, unite the young people to congress on certain social issues and formulate the means to environmental preservation since the most imaginative are the people in the young age Here in the Southeast Asia, the children and young people are the most cherished and loved in the family and in society and yet why do they remain unheard? Not because theyre inexperienced or sometimes outrageous. But because the youth today lacks initiative and has shied away from tapping their potential to influence society. Daunted to speak their mind and assert position in the country. So in this Asian Youth Convention, i dream that through this project the future leaders of our world will unite and start practicing to lead from behind and produce more brilliant ideas like this!

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My plan is to establish this enterprise in a host country thats willing to accept. Preferably Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines. In this convention, i will invite a private food business company or sole proprietor from each Member Country, to provide the products and offer them an opportunity to expand their business. A tentative split of profit is 70 30 as private business and the convention, respectively. And then i will request each Member Countrys government to provide for the cultural shows and educational segment because no State can refuse to present their culture especially to an international audience. They must preserve it, and this is one way of doing so. Proceeds from this shall be given to the performers, presenters, producers, etc. This is a non-profit enterprise so i may seek out donations for additional funds.

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My name is Red and im an 18-year-old college student majoring in Legal Management; im from the Philippines, a country of rich culture, art and history. We are very family-oriented and we always serve a feast even on simple but frequent occasions and gatherings, thats what makes our relationships stronger.. I love to read books about social studies and international history I live in the middle class of society, and i strongly believe that the average people are the ones who see the real world as it is. I am motivated by my love to travel and the belief that the East and Southeast Asian countries must be united and help each other to eliminate poverty and other forms of social problems..

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conceptual stage

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peace-building , education, cultural diversity , youth, other: unity development

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