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Summary of your idea

The idea is based on agri-business enterprise which is aimed at providing agricultural quality and quantity food products. Due to growing demand for food-based products geared by increased food scarcity in the local and international markets, theres need to come up with amicable and long-lasting solution to these current problems. This enterprise focuses on curbing these problems by providing quality and quantity to the market and also creating more employment avenues to the jobless in the society. The enterprise is expected to get involved in various activities such as rehabilitating and reclaiming the less productive land through irrigation and cultivation, investing on research and innovations to boost production level so as to maximize profits, market research on the current market changes, informing the public on significance of currying agriculture as a business enterprise, organizing seminars and workshops to create awareness on the benefits of agricultural food products. The enterprise expects to create more employment opportunities and employ modern technology on machinery and personnel to increase the output. Since greenhouses are weather-proof and not easily affected by environmental hazards such as hailstones, these are minimized hence assured profit. The idea also targets improving nutrition of the general public by availing the nutritious food products once the demand arises. The food products such as tomatoes and onions are health-friendly hence their demand is of all year round.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Targets Since this is a food-based idea, it is expected to yield more and continuous profit to the enterprise. The aims at providing and creating more employment opportunities to the jobless members of the society in the areas such as sales and marketing, security, accountants/finance managers, security personnel, field attendants and many more. Other than employment, it is expected that the idea contributes partially or if possible, fully to rural development on the areas such as infrastructural development e.g. roads network and communication. The issue of centralization of firms in urban areas will be minimized hence contributing to equal economic growth. Measures to evaluate success One of the main measures is acquisition of greenhouses which are actually weather-proof and all-season dependant which will significantly increase the yields and intern leads to maximized profit and reduction of crop vulnerability to pests and disease which lower the production level. Competing effectively with other competitors in the market through provision of quality food products, employing skilled, qualified and self-motivated personnel to ensure maximum production, good and proper record keeping mechanisms to ensure accountability and transparency to make it easy for business evaluation. Having also a well prepared revenue model that is realistic and accurate to ensure sustainability and continuity of the enterprise. Scaling out the inputs and outputs to understand the revenue flow of the income which helps in evaluating and making different economic decisions for the business enterprise, advancing continuous training to different employees from all business departments to inform them on the current trends and developments as far as their professional fields are concerned. This would significantly improve the quality of the produced items leading to increased profit margins as a result of large volume of sale and adequate supply to our customers.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business would employ the able management to man the enterprises activities whose main purpose is to generate profit; the management would consist of general manager, finance manager, sales and marketing manager, secretariat, security among others. The junior employees would also be taken into consideration for the easy and efficient management of the enterprise. The idea aims to invest more on manpower and machinery to ensure sustainability and continuity of the business enterprise. The relationship between inflow and outflow of income should be maintained at equilibrium and would be achieved through minimizing costs especially on labour and transportation and also reducing business debts. Some of the financial sources for the enterprise includes; profit ploughed back from the selling of the business products, interests accrued from loans offered to the permanent and reliable customers, loans from the financial institutions such as banks and Saccos, investing on other income generating activities such warehousing services and construction of rental houses which would increase the financial position of the enterprise in each and every financial period. The enterprise is expected to collaborate with other firms such as the companies producing some farming materials such as fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs which are very important to the enterprise. This collaboration would reduce costs since the inputs would be bought at slightly lower prices and at a given discount which would intern act as an alternative source of income.

Your profile

My names are Maumo Kefa , born on 31/08/1991, a Kenyan citizen from western part of the country, that is Busia County, Butula sub-county. Currently a second year student at South Eastern Kenya University taking undergraduate degree of bachelor of education. Personally I have been the victim of food shortage because i was brought up in Kenyan rural area, undergone both primary and secondary education in rural area. Despite the fact that my geographical area is located at rich modified equatorial climate and sometimes receives adequate amount of rainfall, the area is highly affected by the problem of food shortage, low quality, quantity in supply and high pricing, what itches most is that, residence depends on importation from Uganda and also from other far-flunks regions like central Kenya for the basic agricultural food products and yet the area has high potential in production. This has motivated me to come up with this idea so the people in the nation at large get solution to these problems. Ensuring maximum utilization of the available resources such as rich fertile land and water bodies to ensure that theres food security and availability during the demand. Some of the factors which contribute to the success include market availability and nature of demand for the products that we intend to produce, availability of water and labour, presence of fertile land for future expansion, production of quality and quantity products to compete effectively with available products present in the market and favourable climate of the region. With the presence of the above factors, my home county has been ranked as one of the poorest county in the country with high poverty index, if this idea is fully implemented; this county can actually shift from poverty to the wealthiest county in the country .

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, youth

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