Improving productivity through sustainable farming techniques.

Published on June 23, 2014 um 16:39

Summary of your idea

Assisting people improve farm productivity through conservation and regeneration of Indigenous varieties of food, vegetables and chicken using sustainable agriculture and good farming techniques. This will involve changing subsistence agriculture to more commercial farming as these practices generate greater income, create more jobs in the rural and urbun areas, and ensure food security for the poor. Through training and access to information on crop production, providing credit services through the project, and supplying high quality inputs disease resistant seeds, fertilisers and pesticides which are organic and affordable, I will help farmers in Uganda improve their agricultural productivity. I will be able to reach a large number of farmers and communities with my service across the country. A variety of research activities will take place at the centre, in conjunction with National Agricultural Research Organization and National Crop Resources Research Institute for evaluating the yield and adaptability of maize, beans, onions, garlic and local chicken breed. All this is expected to be achieved through the setting up of model farm where people will be able to experience what they have been trained and also have it in real practice.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea or project is expected to help on poverty eradication, unemployment problem within our country, offers a means to address food self-reliance, rural development and nature conservation. Ensure conservation and regeneration of Indigenous varieties of food and vegetables suited to the ecological niche. I expect to have at least 10 families every year adopted to the system and this is expected to be achieved through routine monitoring of all those members who will have accepted the concept, support in terms of money and advise and the trainings expected to take place every after 3 months. People involved will be requested to set dates for members to visit their farms. This will be done on a monthly basis. Within 5 years I expect to have covered most of the areas within my country and if need be we shall spread the same idea to the surrounding countries. I expect food availability to increase within the country if at all people adopt to this type of farming which is cheap and cost effective.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I intend to setup a model farm expected to occupy 2 acres of land for a start, on this model farm we shall have 2 buildings for rearing local chicken on a large scale, a storage building and a place for training. The storage building will be to help the farmers who will not be able to sell their produce have a storage place and those who will not be able to afford building their own storage place. This will also help in purchasing the produce from the farmers and mostly beans and maize. I shall have to provide free seeds to the people who will be willing to grow crops like beans, maize, and onions. People will have trainings in farming and agriculture organized every after 3 months and in these trainings I will be inviting successful farmers to come and share the success stories to encourage the upcoming ones. More activities will be expected to be introduced. Linkages and networks with grassroots level institutions and district level, government and other farmers cooperative societies will be done to ensure effective growing, storage and marketing of food grains and vegetables. This project is expected to cost 30,000 USD for the start, this will be used in setting up the buildings mentioned, buying the locals chicken and other operational costs. The 2 acres are already in existence. I expect to be starting this project from my own savings that I have been doing and from the well-wishers as for now. I intend to get a loan from the bank as time goes on to help uplift my project. The project will then get its funds from the sale of chicken, eggs and also sell of produces which will be bought from the farmers for its sustainability.

Your profile

Am a Ugandan born on 17th September 1984, I have diploma in computer networking currently employed at MTN Uganda Network department. I live in a town called Kisaasi found in the city of Kampala which is also the Capital city of Uganda. Over the years communities had been practicing sustainable agriculture practices which were got from their ancestors, but as the time pass and the greediness to get more in short period through high yield variety erupted. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides have had bad impacts on the food chain. The soils have become infertile due to over utilization of pesticides and chemical fertilisers.When I looked back my father used to be a farmer and we used to grow different crops and also rear animals and birds for commercial purposes, in this I remembered we used to use organic natural methods to fertilize our soils. We also reared local chicken but using improved methods to help increase on the yields. I said to myself why dont I introduce such farming which is not costly and yet production is high to my people. Instead of people running away from the urbun areas to rural areas, and in so people are selling their land to buy motor cycles which are being used as (Boda bodas to carry people) in our country and some opening up shops in rural areas. This can help on encouraging people to get back to farming since its not costly and people can get food for their houses then the surplus can be sold to earn some money. In this, organic farming is gaining momentum all over the world as it offers a means to address food self-reliance, rural development and nature conservation.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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You have a great idea! I have just nominated as number 17.


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Great Idea Mr.Nelson.
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great idea to implement to fight poverty and provide food security. please everybody vote for this idea especially those in Uganda so that we can improve our food level. your voter is highly appreciated for this idea.