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Published on June 23, 2014 um 16:45

Summary of your idea

"I Know" is a social media which main objective is to be the place in the web where everyone can share their knowledge about some topic. The only two requirements are: to express the knowledge in less than 250 words and cite the source of that knowledge. The user must provide a direct link to the source (in case it is available on internet: an e-newspaper, a blog, a scientist publish, e-book, e-magazine, etc.) or an indirect link (in case the source is a printed book, a printed magazine, etc.). In the last case, the link could direct to an online store where you can buy the book, magazine, etc. In every case, the knowledge must be verifiable by anyone. And any user can report any I know" post if that condition is not satisfied. In this case, the post will not be eliminated but it will have a negative mark that can only be eliminated if you find in the social media an expert who wants to endorse your "I know" post. There will be a procedure to qualify as an expert. The user will have a profile with all their own knowledge posts (I Know" posts) and the knowledges posts shared from other people (I Know now" posts). The objective is to promote systematized knowledge between the people. But at the same time, and as a social media, I Know wants to promote discussion about the different topics and a critical thinking. So, there is a third type of post (each one differentiated from other one): the I think" posts. This type of posts lets you comment I know" posts and I know now" posts and publish thoughts, opinions and other knowledge that, for some reasons, you cant verify by the regular way established by I know.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target of "I Know" is every person in the world who wants to share their own knowledge (by "I know posts) and/or learn from the knowledge of other persons (by "I know now posts). At the same time, users of I Know are people who want to discuss and improve their intellectual skills and develop a critical thinking (so you have "I think posts). In the current Knowledge-based economy or Knowledge-based society where the importance of knowledge increases constantly, the management of knowledge could be a relevant factor to reduce inequality of opportunities and get a better understanding of the world and the way it works, so you can act according to it.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

It is a sustainable project and has a great potential because: 1) Nowadays the importance and the impact of social media is extremely high. 2) In internet, the chances of success are high because its a new social media, very attractive for all kind of people (from all countries, all genres, all ages, all educational background) 3) The financing source can come from online bookstores which have an agreement to be the store which link you must use in the case of indirect link to buy books, magazines or any other source (tangible or intangible) of knowledge.

Your profile

Im studying accounting. And on the one hand, Ive been part of a research project about youth and thats where my main motivation comes from. Ive read about different problems of youth in education and job. I also won an international award for an essay about knowledge and commons. On the other hand, Ive always been a person interested in media, in general, and social media, particularly now. So the integration of my experiences and personal interests made me notice that this could be a great idea to make a great impact in peoples lives in order to reduce inequality by fostering opportunities through knowledge. Personally, I'm a passionate man for great ideas and thoughts, hard worker, very analytic and a realistic dreamer. These are qualities that definitely would contribute to the success of the idea.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , youth, other: employment

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I have just voted you as number 13. Simultaneously vote me at:



June 23, 2014 18:32

Wonderful idea.

June 23, 2014 17:40

My opinion, make sure you are able to have seperate forms/groups for discussions. Good idea, make sure the profiles are detailed for info & contact info n interests. I'd like that app n also make seperate forum for middle school, high school, n et cetera. My vote