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Summary of your idea

Our main objective is to convert the abundant plastic waste in the Northern Nigeria to eco-friendly plastic lumbers and nylon bags. We are going to start systematically from the scratch, with the use of a crusher only for the start to gain significant returns (from crushing waste and selling it to plastic industries in Kano and Bauchi), until we develop fully and have the resources to buy ourselves an extruder, then go into production proper. We are going to use machinery to do that, which are: extruder, injection moulds, cutting and punching machines to achieve our aim.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

More than 9,000 metric tonnes of waste are produced daily in Kano State alone. We hope to convert plastic waste of about 50,000 metric tonnes (from Northern Nigeria) in our first 10 year of establishment to make over 25,000 tonnes of plastic lumbers and 10,000 bags of nylon packages. The main measure to evaluate success is to see and quantify the amount of the waste (abundant and abandoned waste, littering the streets, breeding grounds for mosquitoes and making more harm to the society) the environment has been gotten rid of after commencement of the project and as well see the positive impact of the project like helping to reduce mosquitoes population, saving the forests and reducing the amount of the CO2 gas.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My business has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a Sole Proprietor Company. Source of finance will be equity contribution (20%) from myself (sufficient to start with a Crusher machine) and sourcing other capital in form of grants from any other available sources like the Youth Enterprise With Innovation In Nigeria (YouWiN) programme.

Your profile

I was born on the 10th of February, 1990, thus, 24 years old now. I studied BSc Biochemistry from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria and graduated this year. I got interest to set-up this project from a course I studied in the university, the chemistry of polymers, which concerns well how this project is done. I was recently awarded an Etisalat grant to set-up my project, after thorough training and screening, which is very inadequate and cannot proceed then. I have a team of 3 Biochemists like myself who has a 6-month Industrial Training at Plastic Industries in Kano State of Nigeria.

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Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, youth

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