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Published on June 24, 2014 um 11:22

Summary of your idea

Which life do you want to live? And what exactly is necsessary to learn to create that? I want to empower young people to realize their creative potential by giving them the tools - and even more important the opportunity - to experience creation. The Transition Akademie is a one year course consisting of 7 interwoven Weekend Modules and a two week camp. So people from all different work or study backgrounds can participate and integrate their experiences, into their many different lifestyles, work and studies. The complete course will be based in the living learning field of a small eco village which is already in the longterm process of recreation. And the participants will be surrounded by mentors who already have several years' experience in recrafting their community. These experiences will empower them to become changemakers in their own communitiesAand sharetheir experience with their friends and co workers. They will then plant the very neccessary seeds for a more sustainable future.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We are living in a world where we are facing major social, economic, ecological and cultural-spirtual challanges. In many countries across the world, Ecovillages and Transition Towns are emerging as pioneer experimentation fields for possible future ways to provide Energy, Food, Shelter, Community Live and Self Invoking/Realization for each human being. These are the living learning fields where young people, in a group together with up to 23 others, can be empowered by learning the key hard skills and stratagies necessary to recreate and build up their own cities in this one year course.. They wouldbecome leading changemakers in different parts of the world. This pilot project would flip the complete concept of the modern education system and develpment assistance upside down. And give generation Y the opportunity to make the decision to learn all the practical things they want and need to establish real practical change ina society:anywherehey wishant. We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them Albert Einstein

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This Idea can be Implented all over the world. Each Eco Village and in each Transition Town can be such an Living Learning Field. And Universities and Schools can cooperate with the Ecovillages and Transition Towns in their own countries. The course will be affordable for everyone because the students will learn by carrying out essential tasks for the Ecovillage. The food will come directly from the local Community Supported Agriculture which the students will help to grow. And they can sleep in the community house which they will help to renovate. The pilote project would be financed by: Crowdfounding; Several charitable foundations for sustainable education; By Solidarity Contribution of Participation; Cooperationwith one single transiton town. Future Projects.: Can be financed by drawing Credit from social/ eco banks. Can be based arounda one year full-time course on landdonated free intended as an open university meant for this project. Can grow their own food, create their own energy and start up their own social eco enterpreneurships. Can cooperatewith the Development Service, the Ecovillage and Transition Town Network and Universities for Sustainable Engineering. This will take place in various countries all over the world.

Your profile

I travalled arround and lived and worked in some of the most inspiring Eco Villages of the world like the Panya Project in Thailand, Saddhana Forrest Auroville in India, Damanhur in Italy and ZEGG in Germany And visited 7 Linden, Kommune Niederkaufungen and the Gastwerke Right now I was living in the Transition Town Witzenhausen In 2011 I cancelled my studies And builtup together with several other young people an Open University in Witzenhausen for 6 months, with practical courses like Permaculture Gardening, Yurt Construction, felting, And organised excoursions took place for example to our local organic Brewery. And now I finished a two year pilote project for FarmingPedagogy with 6 other people.

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Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

Community Gardening Workshop

Yurt Construction Workshop

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