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Summary of your idea

The idea involves establishing a commercial laboratory with research capabilities, where students and researchers can choose between having their samples analyzed by our staff or to do it themselves. This idea is clearly about supporting the Nigerian education system. As a recent graduate and academic, I have witnessed the overcrowded university laboratories and the shortage of instruments and apparatuses. This may delay the research work of the student or totally alter the experimentation and its results all together. We hope to setup within the university proximity to aid easy access to the students and researchers. Our objectives include: -Creating an avenue where students or clients can bring in samples to be analyzed by the laboratory and results are presented to them. Or they can choose to do it themselves and only pay for use of the equipment. -To create a permanent solution to shortage of space or equipments for students in the surrounding university to work with to achieve expected results for their research -Emphasis would still be laid out for educating undergraduate researchers in the use of quality instrumentations that may not be available in their school laboratories but that they need to be acquainted with as laboratory students. -In addition to our experienced staff, we hope to employ final year students or young researchers as part-time to enhance their research capabilities. This idea is innovative because it doesnt just leave you with the option of sitting down and having your samples analyzed, it is a learning laboratory where the client can suit up and be participative, but with our expert guidance.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

. This idea has a lasting impact on the educational system of Nigeria. The government obviously cannot accommodate all this responsibility alone. The Nigerian student has every right to be well acquainted with all the processes involved to be a complete science graduate. In addition to educating the university science community, it will have a great impact in decongesting the laboratories during and availability of resources for the students; ensure accuracy in experimental results. This idea to will also have a major impact on the environment because the Smart Laboratories will be powered by solar energy all through. This idea targets mainly science students and researchers in and around the university environ, preferably in their project years; academic researchers in general, product manufacturers, government regulating agencies. This will be achieved by direct sales and presentations of the services we offer to the prospective clients. This will be through handbills, flyers, donations and science fairs. In addition to the nobility of this idea, it is profitable and growing customer base is a sure sign of measuring success. The long term growth of this company is tied directly to our ability to not only reach our customer base, but to accommodate our long-term goals of being in every university environment in every state.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Plans for implementation and sustainability include creating value through competitive differentiation and collaborating with the university authorities and also stakeholders that understand sustainability. The business model involves reaching, acquiring and keeping customers through direct sales and personal presentations of the benefits. There will be premium benefits for laboratory science students and experimentations for exhibition purposes. There is a high demand for this service because it is affordable and saves precious time in completing a science project. Finance will be through any of the following; joint investment with investors willing to put their money into the company; bank loans and/or angel investors. In addition to financial institutions, we seek to raise funds from grants from government and private institutions that promote research and educational benefits.

Your profile

We are young men with a passion to speed up development in Nigeria. Theres essentially a need for Nigeria to bridge the gap in quality of education between the average Nigerian student and the affluent. With this passion in our hearts, we brainstormed and came out with this idea which is minimally practiced here in Nigeria. My name is OZUA SMART UMA, 29 yeras old and a graduates of Food Science and Technology. Having always believed in being a source of employment, I aggressively attended various seminars and workshops entreprenuership and entrepreneural development. I majored in Brewing science and had various difficulties as our labs were ill-equipped to handle the project and amount of students. I have undertaken volunteer services in science fairs and taught extramural classes in organic chemistry and thus understand that there is a need to improve our scientists at both junior and tertiary levels. entrepreneur teacher. I am currently taking online courses in Business management at the Nigeiran open university.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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