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Summary of your idea

Smart designated driver service provides a unique and responsible service to its operation area and surrounding areas. We will offer safe and proven designated driver services to individuals and corporate organizations; hotels, bars, clubs, medical institutions, and also groups attending any function including: corporate events, concerts, sporting events, parties and birthdays. Smart designated drivers provides a driver who will deliver you safely to your destination and will return you and your vehicle home at the conclusion of your event. In any case of feeling too drunk or too tired to drive; sick or pregnant: we have drivers that responds to your call anywhere in the city to pick you up and drop you off in your destination. Smart designated driver service also has a car hire service that can pick or drop you or your kids off at a specific location at friendly charges.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impact of Smart designated driver service on sustainable development includes a proud role in combating drinking-and-driving and improve community-based comprehensive impaired driving prevention. This in turn creates a safer road for the pedestrians and other road users. A campaign for the drivers to check their physical and mental state would be initiated and government regulating agencies would be fully involved.We hope to work with highway safety administration to provide impaired driving prevention messages to the community, and offer options for states, cities, civic organizations, and local governments to encourage safe and sober driving practices. We at Smart designated drivers believe saving the future requires lesser cars on the road to reduce carbon emissions. If 5 clients would rather use our services than drive their cars, weve succeeded in reducing emissions in our own way. Our Target We hope to work with law enforcement agencies, hotels, and night clubs and bar receptions, medical institutions and schools, to provide people with our service as a reliable option and alternative to driving while impaired. This will be achieved by direct sales and personal presentations of what we offer and to prospective clients at their home or jobs. Economically, Smart designated driver services is time and cost effective. When compared to managing the busy schedule of the average Nigerian of juggling between work, family responsibility and leisure. In addition to profitability, a growing customer base will be a sure sign of measuring success. This is only achievable through effective reaching out of the proposed target market. The long term growth of this service is tied directly to our ability to not only reach my customer base, but to expand it to accommodate our long-term goals.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Smart designated driver service Plans for implementation and sustainability include creating value through competitive differentiation; identifying stakeholders that understand sustainability. Financing sources Thus far, financing has been personal, but we seek to support this project by joint investment, finding partners who are willing to put their money into the company. We also hope to find potential lenders such as banks, or try to attract an angel investor. Our key partners are: banks and companies wishing to invest in the company. In addition to financial institutions, we hope to raise funds from local governments when we collaborate with highway safety administration to provide impaired driving prevention messages to the community town hall meetings, workers retreat, religious gatherings and event centers to encourage safe and sober driving practices. The business model The business model involves reaching, acquiring, and keeping customers through direct sales and personal presentations of the benefits of a designated driver service. There will be premium benefits for clients who choose to register permanently with us. Such as discounts for services irrespective of the distance covered in a particular city. Fees will be charged for services rendered at a standard rate depending on mileage, but will vary slightly when it involves us using our own company car in offering the client the service. There is a high demand for this service because it is affordable and does not require signing contracts just as in the case of hiring a monthly driver. The client can choose to only use this service seldom. Therefore a high revenue output is anticipated and in the case of where our cars are not utilized, a high profit margin is feasible.

Your profile

We are young men with a passion to speed up development in Nigeria. Theres essentially a need for Nigeria to bridge the gap in accident management and emission control. With this passion in our hearts, we brainstormed and came out with this idea which is wholly foreign here in Nigeria. my name is OZUA SMART UMA, 29 yeras old and a graduates of Food Science and Technology. Having always believed in being a source of employment, I aggressively attended various seminars and workshops entreprenuership and entrepreneural development. I have undertaken volunteer services for Junior achievements, as a junior level entrepreneur teacher. I am currently taking online courses in Business management at the Nigeiran open university. And in line with this business idea, I have a driving experience of over 8years, and also a driver instructor. OZUA OBINNA HUMPHREY, a recent graduate of banking and finance. Attended numerous entrepreneural seminars and skill aquisition workshops. Having worked part-time as a professional driver, has gathered much needed experience and knowledge of drivers behaviours. He is also a professional driving instuctor.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, poverty reduction, elderly, cultural diversity , youth

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