Personal Hygiene Box (PHB)

Published on June 27, 2014 um 13:44

Summary of your idea

Personal hygiene involves routine activities that ensure cleanliness and prevention of dirt and germs that cause illness. It includes complete care for the mouth, nose, hands, ear, hair, skin and feet. Your hands for instance are very important and active part of your body that makes contact with people and things around. As such the hand needs proper care to prevent accumulation of dirt and germs that causes diseases and infection. The need for personal hygiene ranges from children, adolescent and adult. Certain items are required to ensure every one maintain a good hygiene. This brought about the big idea I call Personal Hygiene Box; a collection of basic items require to maintaining daily good hygiene all in a box.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impact of Personal Hygiene Box as a brand on an average entrepreneur and to the society at large is enormous. It helps to promote good personal hygiene It helps to reduce spread of germs that cause illness It creates jobs and reduces unemployment It improve trade, especially the items included in the Personal Hygiene Box It is universal and can be replicated in any part of the world It is not capital intensive Any one and every one can venture into it because it does not require any specialize skills It promote chain of trade relationship as all the items used are source for locally

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The Personal Hygiene Box, include but not limited to the following items; Tooth brush and fluoride paste (for oral hygiene) Cotton bud (for ear hygiene) Hair shampoo, cream and comb (hair hygiene) Anti bacteria bathing soap and sponge (for skin hygiene) Feet scrubbing stone and nail cutter Liquid antiseptic Handkerchief and soft tissue Body cream and hand sanitizer For adolescent and adult, additional items are included in the box because this stage of growth comes with physiological changes in the body that require special attention. Deodorant Shaving stick Sanitary towel An entrepreneur can start this health base enterprise with an average capital of $100 and it will cost about $10 for each PHB. You need to source for the item that makes up the Personal Hygiene Box, customize/brand the box or bag, package neatly and sell at a fixed price with some margin. The personal Hygiene Box can be sold to the public at wholesale prices in the market, hospital, big stores and supermarket for easy accessibility. The enterprise can also be home base and online sale is possible. Private sector, government and non government organization can partner with the entrepreneur to get the PHB to the inner cities and street corners for free distribution to people who are most affected and struggling with poor hygiene. If households, companies, hospitals, schools and organizations have provision for First Aid Box, I believe Personal Hygiene Box should be introduced and generally accepted.

Your profile

I am Olajide Peter, 30 years old, from Oyo state Nigeria, a graduate of Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. I am a young and vibrant entrepreneur, solution driven with experience in project management and human relation. Highly organized self-starter with demonstrated ability to manage and work effectively with team mates, expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills. And I currently run a general office supply business and working on pioneering new business ideas. I also run a non government organization OLAP Foundation involved in Millennium Development Goal Advocacy and helping local communities attains the MDGs by implementing projects that improves their standard of living. See my activities on Over the years, I have gotten several awards and recognition for my community development projects, here are some of them; Certificate of merit for MDG Advocacy Project, National Youth Service Corps Nigeria January 2011 State Commendation for Community Development Project, NYSC Kaduna State Nigeria October 2011 Afaka District, Igabi Local Government Area Kaduna State Nigeria Commendation on community development project September 2010

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, poverty reduction, sustainable trade

Distribution of clothes and food items to women and widows

Distribution of clothes community children and youth

Distribution of MDG branded note books to school children

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Personal Hygiene Box (PHB) , I am 3rd voter. Cheer, Peter!