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Summary of your idea

YoJalo will be a collaborative platform to link small and medium producers and people who want to sell their products, this way a lot of products that otherwise would not reach a massive audience can get distributed making an impact on both the producer and the distributor. YoJalo would provide the tools to administrate the distribution, such as a backoffice online, payment system, categorizing and aiding on marketing of the products, and for the distributors; we will provide them with an online store fully customizable where they will sell the products they selected, we will supervise they receive the promised payment by the producers (the producer decides on the percent and the distributor decides to take or not the offer).

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our main target will be young people that desire to have their own business or that are already producing but don´t know how to reach a massive audience, we will be of course open for every producer or distributor who wants to participate, but we´ll target of efforts on young people (18-35) since we´ve seen on our early research this group is more perceptive of the concept, we will measure the success of the concept comparing the sales level of the producers before and after joining our system, we expect at least to double their sales, however we expect a much bigger impact, this of course will benefit on the economy of the user and help fighting poverty, giving an alternative to the non-active (economically) population.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

What we are presently doing is getting feedback on the concept by producers and people that might want to join as sellers/distributors, we are making a database from it and we are planning on inviting this people to be the first users of the platform (later on we will invite users via social media and they will be able to join by filling on-line forms on the site). We will connect both parts and will give them the tool to execute the business, we will also invest on marketing for the main page so people can reach the online stores easier, however part of the concept is the direct marketing users will create on their own personal stores. Actually the financing for this future project will come directly from the creator (the one who writes this -Antonio Arredondo-) And on a near future we expect to be able to present this to investors (We will receive 10% of the public price of the products).

Your profile

I am currently 30 at the time i write this, i have a degree on communication and had been working on marketing and publicity agencies on the last years, i have a background on sales and as an entrepreneur as well, so i think i have the expertise to pull this off, i´m really motivated about helping people and i think that giving them tools to boost their economy will improve their lives greatly, i also love to work with people directly and i think this perfectly blends the social and technology values, i had been on several trainings, bootcamps and conventions to keep learning and improving, i love this concept and i´m pretty sure i can make it happen.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

poverty reduction

Some products of the producers we´ve already talked with

We will sell from small pieces to furniture and other big pieces, the users will have an online store, a printed catalog and other tools to aid on the selling process

We are already working on the company´s identity, logo, working system, etc...

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