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Summary of your idea

From last year Ive been working as a blood donor and I know how hard it is to find a right blood donor in time of emergency. Most often I found, donor had to travel a long way to come any hospital for donating blood. Though Bangladesh is a populous country, it is pathetic truth, we hardly get blood donor by side in time of emergency. So my plan is to make it easier to find a blood donor from nearest place in time of emergency easily. According to American Red Cross, an estimated 38% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate, less than 10% actually do each year. As blood cannot be manufactured it can only come from generous donors. Another statistics says, The number smartphone users are growing by 42% a year. If we can involve this 42% in donating blood, no doubt it would bring a revolutionary change. As user of smartphone is growing highly with time being, my plan is to combine these two statistics into one master plan. The use of the app would be very easy to find donor of any blood group. Any registered user of the app will receive a Call For Blood alert when anyone else will be in need of it. The app will send alert according to users blood group and current global position

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The main target of my plan is young generation. As they spend whole day in connection with internet, it would be the easiest way to contact with them in time of emergency. The app will be nothing critical than any chatting app and it will be well organized. As Im giving higher priority to the personal safety, no doubt this idea will be adorable to the male and female donor. When whole world is busy to save own time, the location finder of my app makes it more valued idea to search for a blood donor.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Ive already mentioned the app Im talking about will be simple like any other chat app and of course itll be free for all. As the app will send message according to donors global position, so the time of a donor spent on road will be reduced. And thus patient will receive the help in the shortest time. My app will search for the blood group at first secondly the search will be between available and unavailable donors. The last and final search will be looking for the nearest donor from the location of the patient. All registered donor will receive a Call For Alert and interested donor can contact with the person or institution to donate blood. It should be kept in mind, only donor can decide if his/her current position and contact information should be visible to all. But the alert of Call For Blood will be sent to every registered member. Thus, a massive number of donors from nearest position from patient will receive the alert, indeed donor could be managed in the shortest possible time. As patient will be in nearest hospital, any donor will feel the responsibility of helping from inside. Therell be no need of travelling a long way, so time will not a big fact. And the safety first concept of the app will inspire any donor to download the app and keep install on personal smartphone.

Your profile

Im Syeda Shamima Nasrin, born on 4th July, 1997, in the Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh. In academic career, Ive gained GPA-5 in all subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Ive received national scholarship for such brilliant success. Ive recently completed my Higher School Certificate examination and now getting prepared to reach my lifetime goal, my dream of taking higher degree from Chittagong Medical College. Ive donated blood first time, on August 29, 2013, which is very memorable day of my life. Ive been working on this sector from the very first day. While volunteering to collect blood donor, Ive faced different problems and those problems inspired me to come up with an innovative idea. From my early age Im involve with different creative writing and got prizes by attending different essay and speech competitions including National competitions. Ive received two time national award of best essay writer of Chittagong City. At the age of 7, in 2004, my first writing was published in a national newspaper. Ive won the title of All-rounder of Chittagong division, in 2009. Ive also wined special prizes on Vasa- Protijog, a leading completion of Bangladesh about Bangla Language. On the year of 2010 and 2011, Ive became delegates of 3rd and 4th Children Film Festival, Bangladesh. Im one of the youngest freelancers of Bangladesh working on oDesk (Biggest Online Market Place) since march17, 2012. Recently Ive joined as a volunteer of Bangla Wikipedia.

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