Pragma: Guided approach to course selection for prospective college students

Published on June 27, 2014 um 17:37

Summary of your idea

Pragma is a platform that enables students to pursue the right courses from high school to colleges. From an early stage students in high schools are guided on the right subject combinations based on what they desire to pursue as careers, and a variety on other intrinsic parameters. Then, upon completion of high schools, students are assisted to make career-guided choices on the right courses to enrol for based on their subject strengths, existing college courses, existing career opportunities and in line with their career desires. In a world with many colleges and courses with varied job opportunities, students face challenges in knowing the right courses to pursue. This often leads to students pursing unsuitable careers. Worse still is that colleges are expensive and this leads to wasted money on fees. Graduate students often enrol for a second course or even a third with the hopes of getting a proper job. In most cases, the information on the right career usually exists but is often not available at the right time. Pragma aims to be a platform that equips students in high school, before enrolling for college, during college and upon graduation from college, the relevant information curated and organised systematically in ways that are easy to find and utilise.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Education, like religion, is very close to the heart. Failure in it cuts deep. Locally, most youths live hopeless lives, spending time and money on colleges then ending up jobless. Globally, at least 50% of students entering college are undecided about their majors. Then, over 50% of college graduates pursue careers they did not study for. Also, 70% of students change their majors at least once, most will change majors at least 3 times before they graduate. But about 70 percent of jobs require no more than a high school diploma. Pragma will enable students make guided choice before enrolling for colleges. It will enable students to graduate with pragmatic skills from colleges, reduce the pain of wasted college years and enable students to invest fees in the right courses and assist student graduates in joining the job market. We target the local students who are about to enter colleges and will provide the platform to them for free as beta. We will evaluate the success of the platform by the number of entrants and exits every three months.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Pragma will be an opt-in service. High school students will get the service for free. To ensure all college students get access to it, they will pay a small yearly fee, with unlimited access to their profiles. Students, in their their profile accounts, will provide relevant data as to their careers and education requirements. We at Pragma with curate categorised career information from all industries, course information from colleges and universities and we will link these two, synthesize the information and provide it as per the students's requirements. Pragma will be financed from our savings, seed funding and competitions like these in the beginning, then as we scale it to other regions and countries, we will seek venture funding. We will collaborate with most colleges and high schools to offer the service to pools of students in the beginning.

Your profile

I am the co founder of Briteskills Tech Ltd, an education software company. Our newest product is Ratibar, an interactive timetable useful to the college administration for rich scheduling while linking the students and teachers interactively. I have a bachelors degree in Environmental science but changed careers to be a software programmer and eventually entrepreneur in the field of education. My motivation is that I am a victim of the flawed system of education, having graduated with an unsuitable degree but immediately changing direction. I have continue to see many people suffer from this and I seek to change it with help from many other people. With the networks we have with colleges thanks to Ratibar, we have confirmed this case to be ripe for a proper solution and we intend to do it exceptionally.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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