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Summary of your idea

Imagine an African continent that is manufacturing vehicles, handsets, carrying out complex surgeries and the same time is secure without war. Thats our dream!! We feel sad that every day we have to rely on someone elses ingenuity to sustain ourselves. Why cant we produce our own cars or handsets? We believe the problem isnt the resources or the people, the problem is our education. If we invested more in education, am not saying build more classrooms or dormitories, I mean train students to be creative thinkers!! Students who are going to provide solutions to pressing problems in the area and take the risk, go outside their comfortable zones and create the next big thing. We therefore have come up with an idea to design a platform that will be a one stop location/repository of all question papers from different institutions with a purpose of enabling students to evaluate and compare themselves with other standard learning institutions in so doing removing knowledge deficiency and level the playing field in learning institutions around the world. The main objective is creating a platform that consists of questions from experts, we transform these questions and create problems that encourage students to think deeply. This kind of vigorous thinking to solve problems in their respective courses we believe will drive students to think critically and provide solutions to the problems affecting their societies. MOquestions will also be an intelligent tool to guide, teach and educate students on solving problems through creative thought. The platform will also educate teachers and lecturers on how to set standard question papers for their students. Papers that instigate thinking and require a well-crafted solution. We will achieve this through, Interactive feedback through videos and papers, customized curriculum, gamification, forums, mobile web and mobile application.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

MOquestions intends to create a generation of creative thinkers. A generation of youth that aren't satisfied with little but yearn for more and are willing to take the risk to change their society and the world at large. We believe the only way to achieve this is through education. Instead of empowering young children with guns, we believe in empowering the young generation with knowledge, wisdom and understanding through education. The education provided in Africa is good but we need better, in order to change our communities, societies and world at large we need to create a generation of creative thinkers. Young people who are providing solutions to the problems in their society. Moquestions targets are; - To create an integrated multi-sensory interactive application to convey questions through the use of a combination of various digital media types such as text, images, audio and video - To start from Africa (East Africa) and expand the scope to cover to cover African institutions and later spread our wings to Europe, Asia and the world at large. - To cover every category and level of learning for example have Universities, Colleges, Secondary, Primary, tertiary and professional institutions around the world.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Currently, we have been endorsed by the Ministry of education and sport in Uganda and have a partnership with/support of Uganda Christian University. We are however looking at expanding and partnering with several other universities. According to the Ministry of Educations fact file, there are 8,337,069 primary schools pupils, 1,247,437 secondary school students and 184,864 students are enrolled in higher institutions. This gives a large market size in Uganda alone. Ways we intend to generate revenue include: Advertising Subscription based revenue (Create categories; Bronze, Silver and Gold that require different subscription fee) Pay per download (Split with institution) Partnerships (Split with partnerships e.g. learning boards)

Your profile

We are young graduates of Bachelor of Science Degrees in Information Technology with a passion for programming, business development and entrepreneurship; we have a vision of bringing change and impacting our society using our ideas and thoughts. The idea of building a universal question bank was acquired in our third year at university and by our last semester we had designed and launched the idea. It received a good reception among students and lecturers and we were recognized by the university newspaper for creativity and innovation. Currently Moquestions is finalist in an on-going mobile application development competition for East African Countries; 5 competitors were selected from a group of 50 contestants and the final pitching was on the 24th of June

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