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Summary of your idea

In order to enhance youth activism and cooperation with foreign partners among Belarusian youth there will be organized research of legal algorithm on registration of youth organizations. Throughout the project period the organization will study the Belarusian legislation on registration of NGOs and establish a legal algorithm. The result of the study and research will be a creation of a functioning website, based on the platform utilizing legal algorithm, allowing for easy creation of legal documents necessary for registration, as well as finding partner organizations for cooperation in the preferable sphere in Belarus and European countries. This experience and the platform on which the website will be based can be shared with the partners in other European countries. The project target group are young people willing to create NGOs and contribute to youth activism, youth activists who want to register their own initiative as a legal entity: civil society activists from all regions of the country, carrying out various activities and representing various interests. The project will be of a particular interest for those who will be creating NGOs for the first time, representatives of small regional organizations that do not have direct access to legal advice on the establishment of NGOs in their community.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Ability to work with the legal documents and bureaucratuc mechanism, and, what is more important for the target group of our project - to explain it in a way convenient for youth initiative groups. We also learn how to cooperate and divide tasks with the partner organizations and then to combine work. From IT we learn how to make a website userfriendly and easily accesible for the users, at the same time we develop skills of dealing with large amounts of information and structurising it.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

"Youth Initiative" will be supported in its activities by "Youth Information and Documentation Centre". The organization will provide legal help and consultation in research of legal mechanism, and will later facilitate in the final stages of preparing the legal documents for the youth initiatives. So far, we already have the necessary knowledge in the Belarusian legislation and the project team ready to start the research of the algorithm, as well as the IT specialists. The optimal length of the project is 6 month in its active phase - sufficient time to research the necessary legal documents and establish a legal algorithm, develop a software platform for electronic registration, launch the website and promote it. Later stages may include further processing of the applications f youth initiatives and necessary legal aid in their registration. At the end of the project realization software created by the project (the platform) will become the know-how of the applicant organization and partner organizations, which will be able to use it freely for non-commercial activities, and the established web site will become a joint property. There is a certain risk that many youth initiative groups will not notice the possibility to use the system for registration and online consultations. We shall promote these possibilities using contacts with other youth NGOs and among the independent media. Such help to youth initiative groups in case of their further growth will lead to a long-term cooperation between our NGO and those organizations, common events and activities in the future. Project evaluation: The following criteria will be used in order to evaluate the project effectiveness: - The level of attendance of on-line service - Number of passages of "the tree of questions" - preparing documents for submission for registration to the authorities - The percentage of completed processes for the preparation of documents in relation to the whole number of started processes - The number of applications submitted to the relevant authorities for registration - The number and quality of on-line consultations.

Your profile

DENIS KOLGA In the last 10 years I was working hard (and still I am) on my personal development. I have been part of international and multicultural teams. This is something that helped me a lot in my personal development and in gaining a lot of experience in leadership, being constructive team member, management, planning and executing, creativity etc. - experience with youth exchanges, activity in political and non-governmental organisations, etc - Organizational ability - Coordination and administration of people, projects (in voluntary work and at home, etc) - Analytical skills \ being able to give meaning to data, analyse information - Creativity - Intellectual independence Chairman of the Youth NGO «Youth Initiative» (Minsk, Belarus) «Youth Initiative» - Full member of the «Belarusian Union of Youth and Children's Public Associations BUYCPA RADA» \ National Youth Council. RADA member of European Youth Forum Hobby : Military History & Collectables Militaria, Internet Browsing & Blogging, Cinema I am passionate about: Politics, Globalization, Youth Leadership, Technology's Influence in the World, Futurology

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, empowerment of women, youth, other

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