Innovative Development Center

Published on February 20, 2014 um 15:21

Summary of your idea

A lot of people wants to get fit, but training alone is very boring for a lot of people, thats why we have fitness centers which became quite popular as they are almost everywhere. My idea builds on the same concept by getting people to do something they normally would not do alone. Innovative Development center is for everybody who have an idea and wants to build something. The people can discuss their ideas, form a team or even want to join another persons idea. The center will provide guideness and help, example: How to use designing programs, knowlegde about electronics and helping supplying materials for the projects, ect. 1-2 times a year there will be an exhibition where people will show their projects/ideas in a big hall to the public. This company will polish and help building peoples ideas or wishes(This is a prototype of my idea, a more detailed version will come later)

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Not every people wants to be fulltime scientists, but a lot of people have science as their hobby, but it's very hard to practice now. But making this center the technology rate level will increase. Doing an anual exhibition will benefit everyone, since it will attract people. Higher level of technology have good impact on the world (this is the impact if the company becomes big). The targets are for everyone who are interested in science. People can build their own remote controlled toy car or invent new techonology like a walking mecha robot. It all depends on the people. In the beginning people will probably build something that already exists, but after some time the people will start making the things better and eventually invent new technology.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Sponsers would be a big help, but without help from outside, it will start low scale with 1 or 2 rooms with computers. I will with my friend build something (probably starting with remote controlled car. I am pretty sure we will attract some people. The first exhibition will be small, but it will attract the media in a small country like Denmark, and hopefully attract more people, since you have to spread the word. Financing source will be the small fee it cost to use the center facilities. Maybe get advertisement money from companies who wants to do commercial at the exhibition or something like that. (But this implementation I have to polish and make better).

Your profile

I am 19 years old and I graduated last summer from high school science line (math, physics and chemestry) in Denmark. Now I am in Japan doing volunteer work for 1 year via ICYE. Danish ICYE is through the International Federation ICYE member of UNESCO. In addition, the young people who go abroad with Danish ICYE,are designated by the UN to be "messengers of peace". I have been here for 5 months already. I am aiming to study International Business in copenhagen business school. I always saw myself starting my own company, so my motivation is, that I want to be independant. But its very hard to start something up alone, thats why I will make a team with my friend who studies economy in copenhagen university. I am very good with people and can easily become friends with people, this skill will contribute to my succes.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, sustainable energy, youth, other:

My best friend in Denmark. A good friendship is a key to achieve your goals

Here I am in japan volunteering, learning the culture and language. Travelling is a good way to get inspiration

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I like feedback please help me to make my idea better. Thanks! Emil.