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Summary of your idea

VoMo will be South East Asias first ever volunteer network. The objective of VoMo, a social media platform, is to connect, inspire, and empower people, social organisations, and ethical businesses alike to create change in their own ways. VoMo is all about being social and encouraging creative and engaging conversations with businesses, social movements, and organisations over the social media sphere. Imagine an individual being able to make change in his or her unique and special way. But at the same time, this individual is able to connect with communities who share the same advocacy, passion, and commitment, all through his or her fingertips. Say, an environmentalist connecting with a community of environmentalists or a educator connecting with educators alike, and so on and so forth. And say, an individual wants to connect with different communities, he or she is free to do so. Imagine a wide (and free!) database of NGOs and NPOs with diverse social and environmental causes from all around South East Asia for you to join, collaborate with, potentially get funds for from businesses. Imagine a space to feel positive vibes every day and receive inspirations from people who are making a difference. You can find all these under one social media platform: VoMo. Helping to make doing good easier, more effective, and more fun.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Market Segmentation: VoMo aims to create volunteer communities while promoting meaningful and creative conversations across the social media sphere. In turn, creating a caring society and a volunteerism culture. One of the advantages is that our product targets all forms of volunteers of any age range, gender, and background. It is also family-friendly and offers a diverse array of services, e.g. VoMo geo-tagging to the social bubble. Target Market Strategy: The key is building a volunteer community over the social media domain. Ive recently started with Social Media Campaigns to create online traction. These Social Media Campaigns demonstrate approachability and reliability in their contents that encourage consumers and users to Like, Retweet and Share. I also believe that brands can be powerful spheres of influence. So, Im currently working to partner with brands for various collaborations. These factors will help build and cement a foundation for the VoMo community. Measures to Evaluate Success: There are a number of ways we can measure success. Firstly, we may look at how well the product fares in maintaining its operations and being sustainable as a social business. Secondly, since VoMo is within the area of IT, success can be measured by the user-generated social media traffic. We can look at the number of likes, shares and VoMo profiles signed up. Lastly, it is of course the grassroots impacts and what the social and environmental good the user and volunteers have shared over the VoMo platform. Once they actively participate in Photo Activisms, engage in creative conversations and online Shares, we know that these individuals are doing good both online and offline. These areas of success will of course take a longer and more careful look to assess.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Minor Description of Business Model: VoMos business model revolves around a strong and efficient team. Our startup is called Social Grid Networks. Social Grid Networks is a for-profit social venture that utilizes social media for social good. Our team consists of individuals experienced in creative designs, marketing, research, copyright, etc. With the right marketing strategy, financial support and opportunity to showcase our product, VoMo has a bright future in IT and social business. Market Trends: South East Asia (SEA) is becoming a melting point for the use of social media. Our region has one of the highest social media penetrations in terms of percentages. Volunteerism is also fast on the rise as people are more engaged in social work and environmental initiatives. Im stepping up the social media scene and bringing it to the next level by combining the two elements of social media and social good. Financing Source: VoMo is a social business. The volunteer field is so broad; VoMo will attract peace builders, humanitarians, social entrepreneurs, youth advocates, creativists, etc. These individuals will create a profitable market through the communities built across the platform. VoMo also makes profit through advertisements on its website and e-newsletters. The goal is to ideally have a local server, but VoMo will start with a private server instead because it costs relatively cheaper and is more feasible. Ill be applying for grants to kick-start VoMo. Collaborators: Our first collaborators will come from Brunei, Thailand and Indonesian. Just to name a few: Duta Damai Remaja (Indonesia), Yayasan Diva Tunas Bangsa (Indonesia) and among others. These organisations will become the blueprint and the early foundations of our SEA database. VoMo is only three-months old but already has home-based support from iCentre and the Brunei Economic Development Board.

Your profile

Im a writer, entrepreneur and social media activist and Im 23 years old. Im also currently studying Sociology/Anthropology at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. I can be described as a young upstart who possesses knowledge in a variety of fields such as politics, social entrepreneurship, youth advocacy, creativity and social media. Here are a few of my experiences: In January 2013, I was an intern for the Ministry of Foreign and Trade in Brunei. I was stationed at Department of Politics One where we covered politics and diplomacy in Asia-Pacific. In September 2013, I went for a Community Outreach Program in rural Indonesia for four months. From 2012-2014, Ive initiated and attended a number of local and regional forums such as UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador Workshop (Thailand), AUN-ASEAN Student Leaders Forum (Singapore), Brunei+20: National Youth Seminar (Brunei), etc. Most recently, I went to Myanmar for the ASEAN Youth Forum. These forums would show my familiarity of SEAs ethics, culture, people, economics and politics. Ive backpacked from Thailand-Cambodia through the Khmer border and visited NGOs and planned future collaborations. My main focus now is social entrepreneurship. Im currently learning the tricks and trade of business and the market. The most flattering compliment was when my bravery and determination was compared to a young Jack Ma. My motivation is deceivingly simple and may even be a cliché. My vision has always been to open an NGO but unfortunately, its unsurprisingly difficult to make a living from this in Brunei. So, I founded a startup called Social Grid Networks. Im currently leading a dedicated team of seven; each offering something different to the table. VoMo is merely one of its many products ready to change the global village. My journey, experiences and networking have thus led me to build SEAs first ever volunteer network.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth, other: social media

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