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Published on June 26, 2014 um 12:02

Summary of your idea

Agricultural sector is the engine of growth in virtually all developed nation in which Nigeria has failed to tapped since the emergence of oil boom in the 1970s. A strong and efficient agricultural sector has the potential to enable a country feed its growing population, create employment opportunities, generate income for the country, earn foreign exchange and provide raw materials for industries. Poultry farming is the act and science of controlled rearing of birds like chicken, turkey, quail, in a restricted environment from day-old to maturity. The activities are compulsory for maximum output. We intend to adopt the process of continuous batch production. This means that production duration will be three month per batch meaning that well will produce in mass four times in a year for broiler and our egg will be a daily production of 40 to 50 creates per day. The activities involves include accommodation, preparation/biosecurity, house preparation, chicks management, Temperature guide, feeding management, water management and consumption, medication, lighting program and ventilation management Processing of matured birds activities which are part of our value proposition include: 1. Hanging 2. Stunning- This is done by knife or water bath, immobilizing birds help in calming birds. 3. Killing- Done by knife and by casual workers 4. Scalding- Putting in warm water to relax feather 5. Picking or defeathering- To remove feather by pickers 6. Evisceration opening of body cavity to remove intestines 7. Cut hocks to remove intestines 8. Cut up- cutting of canvass into pieces 9. Deboning The market for poultry product is large but the demand is lesser than the supply. This large demand for poultry produce makes the marketing of poultry product interesting. Innovative that we will put in place include roasting of whole chicken, cut up into pieces like chicken breast, drum-stick, thigh, burger.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Poultry farming goes a long way to solving the major problems confronting the nation and neibouring countries Our target is aim at solving some of the millennium development goals thereby making profit from it. These include 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger which is the number one MDGs through the creation of food for the citizenry of the country and the creation of employment for youth and women 2. We employ women and youth in the process, the youth will be involved in major activities in the business. This will help in solving problem of unemployment, crime and other social vices in the society. 3. When the problem of hunger is solved in the society, the people tends to be active and goes about to take part in the daily activities or work he does thereby contributing his quota to the gross domestic product of the country, the student too will be active in the school. There is a high tendency of the business the business to succeed as a result of the numbers of people in the business. people tends to do the business only for festive period when they believe the demand is high but it is better done all through the year because the percentage of poultry product imported from other country is high and at most time not good for the health of the people because of the chemicals used in preserving them. The product is consumed by all the classes of people in the country irrespective of the age, sex, religion, occupation, social status and so on The mortality rate, sick ones and culled bird at the end of each production process The volume of sales and turnover realized from eggs and chicken at the end of each production process. The numbers of people employed in the society

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The plan for implementing our plans and objectives is very simple, there is a business model canvas that we are going to make use of which are nine in numbers 1 value proposition-helps in killing, dressing, deboning and all other activities that will make it easy for consumption especially for working class who do not have time to go through the rigor of killing and dressing, home delivery for those within the location of the business and at low cost outside the location. 2 Customer Relationship-This is the relationship that exist between our customers and we which must be a smooth one. prompt delivery, courtesy call, text message, gift, words of mouth, religious organization and organisation 3 Customers- this is the category of people that we sell our value proposition to these include students, restaurant, airlines, catering outlet, supermarket, schools etc 4 Channel- the channel of delivering our services include point of sales, spent hen stalls, direct sales, retail stores, 5 Activities- this are the process like inventory, brooding, adding values like killing, dressing, scalding, picking or defeathering, evisceration, cut-up into breast, thigh, drum stick 6 Partners-our partners include the government, our suppliers, vertinary doctors, my staff, other farmers in the industry, regulatory bodies like poultry association of Nigeria 7 Resources our resources include feed at different stage, tray, feeder, drinkers, incubators 8 cost structure- our cost incurred is relatively low as we will buy some things and pay latter from our suppliers 9 revenue - this will be our cash flow which will be from sales and loans. This is the way we finance our farm which is through borrowing from friends, family, finance house with low interest, sales

Your profile

I am Jolayemi Opeyemi a graduate of economics from the University of Ilorin Nigeria. I am second out of the family of five. I was born on the third of March, 1988. I graduated Franciscan nursery and primary school and saint Anthonys catholic high school both owned by a catholic in 1999 and 2005 respectively. I later proceeded to the University of Ilorin where I bagged my Bsc in Economics. I was motivated by my parent and the passion I have for poultry inspire me into poultry business. More so, the urge to solve the problem of hunger and poverty in my community, furthermore, the passion to reduce child mortality as a result of lack of protein and calcium. I am self-motivated, hardworking, insatiable quest for knowledge, ability to direct others, team work I was a vice president (business) of the organization Junior Chambers International University of Ilorin a Collegiate chapter in 2012 and the personal assistant to the chapter president in 2011 where I learn lots of practical administrative assignment. Moreso a member of junior chambers international oroki chapter in osun state nigeria I am a graduate member of the Nigerian institute of management (chatered)

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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Hi, I am writing you because we are in the same business and product is same. I am from India. I export chicken to various countries. If you have any interest to my product and want to start business with us please inform me.