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Summary of your idea

PawziblesNG is an idea born out of the passion and desire as a youthful mind to impact the world through an innovative E-commerce and E-retail platform in providing outstanding pet online retailing services in nigeria,west africa which will be the first ever.this idea was concepted due to the void created between humans and canines(dogs) in the nigerian society and pawziblesNG is here to bridge such gaps by providing expertise services and consulting to the general public in improving human-canine relationship as well as the environment

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

PawziblesNG targets individuals,corporate organisations and the general public irrespective of ethnicity,socio-economic status or nationality and the success of this idea will be measured based on the general acceptability of the public towards the idea,our positive impact and life changing feedbacks gotten from clients through imparted service and consultin provision.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Since PawziblesNG is an E-commerce/E-retail business idea,the business operation mode will be an online website and mobsite design platfom in other to reach out to various individuals at various region and the finance structure would be base on loans or financing in return for percentage(%) of the company.

Your profile

My name is Bakare Adeniyi Abdulhafiz,a Nigerian by birth,dark in complexion and 23 year old 4ooL student of the university of portharcourt.I come from a large polygamous family,born n bred in festac town of lagos state,western Nigeria.i love and activily participate in sports(football and martial art),I'm a team player,goal getter,good listener and also an animal environment,growing up and situations play a very important role in inspiring and moltivating me to aspire for goals oriented journey and as well impart others lives through an examplary youthful role.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, sustainable trade, youth

pet love

moi buddie n i

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