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Published on June 26, 2014 um 11:42

Summary of your idea

This Idea is all about creating a biorefinery which makes use of the various bio-waste such as forest wastes, Food remains , and Crop residues and then process them into products which are beneficial to the world. Some of the products expected include Biofuels, Industrial solvents such as Xylose and 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural , Glucose which is widely used in the Food-producing industries and even Lignin, which is a widely used polymer. The main objective here is to reduce the level of green house gas emission which is caused by the widely used fossil fuels today, Thus, this project will then to produce biofuels which will serve as an alternative to fossil fuels. Chemically, biofuels do not cause the emission of green house gases. The approach is to start thus biorefinery with simple chemical processes such as Hydrolysis, Pyrolysis and Gasification which are hundred times more easier than the process involved in fossil fuel production. Project: Renewable Resources , Millennium Youth Camp 2014

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It tends towards serving as an alternative to fossil fuel, thereby reducing the level of emission of green house gases into the atmosphere. This also directly affects people positively as Illnesses caused by Green house emission E.g Cancer of the Lungs will be drastically reduced. Also, the plastics of nowadays are made mainly with petroleum products, thats why they are non-biodegradable thus imposing pollution hazards to the environment, but with this project, Plastics will be produced using bio-materials such as lignin. making them to be biodegradable.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We are planning on how to start up this project and make it a reality. I tend to source fund from Relatives, Bank, Through competitions I compete in or through Organisations willing to help me. Apparently, Ive connection to UPM, a Finnish Forest Company who make essential products out of forest materials. I was at the company when I attended the Millennium Youth Camp 2014 in Finland.

Your profile

Im Okoye Christian, Im 16years Old. Im a Nigerian. I have 5 siblings, Im the Number 4 of them. Im into Entrepreneurship because I see it as the solution to most of the Worlds problem. With youths coming up with different ideas about making the world a better place, the world shall surely be better. I was high motivated by the Millennium Technology Prize which is given to Inventors of things that tend to make life easier and better for people today. I hope and trust in God that Ill get there some day.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, sustainable energy, food security

Planting Trees at UPM forest, Finland.

Okoye Christian

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