1. Address: Taiz City, Yemen. 2. Project name: Dina Foundation for Production of Natural Product

Published on June 27, 2014 um 13:00

Summary of your idea

- The idea came to solve the problem which the world live it. It is the biggest problem that left it the production of beauty that cause the deterioration and drying of the skin, as well as damage to the wall of the stomach and liver which they receive them through the circulatory system. - The idea is production natural cosmetics. Their basic composition are beeswax , castor plant oil , cotton plant fat , cinnamon plant extract. In addition to other plant extracts. - Producing enough quantities of plant extract effective from the mountainous plant which plays role in activation- treatment diabetes mellitus of phagocytic cell and increasing the resistant in individuals who are suffering from a decrease in immunity.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

- Reducing the ratio of cancer patients, especially breast cancer in women. - The elimination of the external effects of the skin from cracks, dryness and wilting. - Growth of skin cells in a regular way. - Reducing the ratio of people who are infected with diabetes.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model: The foundation will contains two small lines for production : (a)the first line will run for nine products. About The time will divide according requesting .Those products are cosmetic which include creams refreshments lips in briefly completely make up The second line for extraction and purification natural plant ,and these substances which extract will use in production of drugs specially diabetes mellitus drug. The funding source: Awards loan- personal savings. The future plans : that are by (a)expansion the laboratory through adding a new production separation line to be able extraction an active substances from various plants then sell them to drugs companies. (b) opening independent department and administration as a center for scientific research to extract substances from plants and produce drugs in foundation it self .(c) expansion cosmetic production department and increase production a new development cosmetic. (d) opening a special section to produce perfumes

Your profile

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: Dina Abdu Saif Saeed Al-Meshharri. Date & Place of Birth: 1990, Taiz City. Nationality: Yemani. Address: Taiz City, Yemen. Telephone (Mobile):00967-772494670 E-mail: [email protected] ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: - General chemistry Bachelor, faculty of applied science , Taiz university, 2010-2011. - Accounting Diploma . - Business Administration Diploma. Prizes: - The best scientific research applied certificate ,University of Taiz, 2012. - UNDP certificate, UN, (Ideas Youth Creative Award). - Gold and Silver medals, Korea International Exhibition, 19/5/2014. - The great prize( special ), General Federation of Inventors Germany19/5/2014. Other Information: - Participation in several scientific , literary and cultural conferences in many provinces , Republic Yemen. - Participation in Inventors Exhibitions in each of Sana'a and Hodeida. - Feminist Yemeni appearing in the field of women who scientists and inventors.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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