SHOMZ - Social Enterprise - (a tribute from DIS IS ABILITY Project)

Published on June 27, 2014 um 21:04

Summary of your idea

SHOMZ is a social enterprise established to bridge the gaps between the normal and disabled / disadvantaged people via pedagogical and innovative approaches, hence creating social equity and a better lifestyle. SHOMZ sells products produced by the disabled people online and the profit earned is to provide an income of the producer and re-employ another person to produce another product and the cycle goes. SHOMZs mission is to ensure its customers live healthy, so it promotes health education by messages delivered along with the product. Anyone can help a disadvantaged person by simply buying a product and employ on the go. Employment is made easy where no interviews nor applications are needed by the employees except their skills in production. This helps increase the income of the person and motivates them work more, produce more and earn more. You buy one, you employ one. People can simply embark a change with a click of a button. People simply help a life of a person with each product they buy. SHOMZ also grows to offer social solutions in education by improving conditions in some places and help enrolling others into schools. It also provides health care solutions by offering medical interventions and purchasing implants and prosthetic limbs by mass selling of products. SHOMZ is an enterprise established as a tribute to DIS IS ABILITY national project. Each product has a profit margin to help in the sustainability of the enterprise itself along with creating the self sustainable incomes for the differently abled in the enterprise.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Personal interviews, testimonials and documentaries will be done to identify the impact of the beneficiaries. Media will get the approval from some beneficiaries to showcase the lives of such beneficiaries before and after they joined the enterprise. Website traffic control monitor: The web development company will monitor traffic on the website per week, with a details weekly report and the number of visits and items bought by consumers on the products. This will help us evaluate the progress of such enterprise and how many products are sold. Products will also be customizable to help make customers choose their own designs to be made suiting their mood. The enterprise focuses on promoting collaboration and connecting individuals. The beneficiaries of the enterprise are the disabled sector where they get to produce hand made products and it is sold via an online platform showcasing their abilities. Each disabled is considered as an artisan and acknowledged for the product they produce where they get income from each product.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Collaborators: 1. UN HABITAT. 2. King Abdullah II Award. Model: SHOMZ sells hand made products of the disabled artisans via an online platform acting as online mall,(companys producers are its own beneficiaries). This allows the current increase in employment of the disadvantaged / disabled people. Products are hand made, gathered from several places. So, the disabled doesnt get donation by itself but actually gets the idea of even starting their own business. SHOMZ promotes others start-ups and scale-ups. Via this approach, we get to empower and encourage this person to work more and make profit. The simple product is sold with 5 times its production cost which will also remain cheap. The total money got from selling this product is divided as follows (full reimbursement of the production cost (20 %) 100 % profit for the disabled person (20%) (20%) allocation for a purchase of raw materials to another person willing to produce his product and sell it and join this scheme (20%) covering overhead expenses profit (20%) enrolling the person into the workshop to develop their product) It starts with a capital based on personal investments and donations and being run with a group of volunteers and members with professional skills in each department. SHOMZ is to sell its products for the public with pay cash on delivery. It is to also employ the people that will be running this enterprise and hence creating job opportunities for the disabled by selling their goods, making them business people on a bigger scale and for the normal graduates. SHOMZ is to prove that disability is to be looked at as people with different abilities and shed the lights on their hidden talents and potentials. Its sustainability is from the business twist.

Your profile

Age: 24 Years Background: I am a first year surgeon in Police hospital in Cairo a project founder for the SHOMZ enterprise. I gradated from medical school in 2012. I have been involved in NGO work since February 2010 where I lead an NGO and founded 2 projects. This is my recent project. Awards/recognition: 1. King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovations and Achievements (finalist) 2. United Nations HABITAT Urban Youth Fund 3. Arab Innovations Award Motivation and qualities: I received several international trainings in project management and skills development. I took Social and healthcare management course in Ain Shams University, faculty of medicine, Culture training in Bulgaria, network cooperation in India and Italy, Project Management in Kenya, Capacity building in Jordan, Mentorship in Jordan, Peace building fellowship in Thailand. I also volunteered in Abu Dhabi in several projects and in several initiatives in Cairo. I was recognised in the World Economic Forum in Jordan where my project was presented to lots of international figures and I was able to secure several partnerships. My interest in such field grew from my interaction with some blind children and just getting to see their hidden potentials and their wishes in life, made me realise our own blessings and what such sector is capable in doing despite their disability. They should always be labeled as differently abled rather than a disabled.

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Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, health, poverty reduction, elderly, empowerment of women, youth

Hand made household products by the visually disabled artisans

Hand made rugs by disabled artisans.

Customised baskets for different customers and occasions

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