Sustainable Power Project (West African Nations)

Published on July 1, 2014 um 16:52

Summary of your idea

The Idea as simply put; is to provide a sustainable and affordable solar power (electricity, panels) as an alternative source of energy to homes and businesses in West African Countries.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The long-run impact of this project will be the eventual total transformation of the energy sector in West African counties. Energy sector in most West African Sub-Saharan countries has been a downsized degrading sector. Innovative revolution of this sector towards sustainable development will positively affect other part of the economies of this region. There are prospects that poverty will be reduced and standards of living will improve. The cheap and clean energy associated with the project will also have a long positive impact returning-effect on the worlds climate, on combine whole.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This project at the moment, an initiative of an individual, with contributing supports from friends. The business model to be adopted is designed and will be implemented in accordance with popular business model canvass, by the Business Model Generation Org., ( The project financing is tentatively intended to be sourced from interested serial investors and business angels, since the project will be of high and demanding capacity. Personal funds of the project designer will also be invested, while collaborations are also welcome from any willing organizations in solar energy production. According to UNDP Human Development Report 2007/2008, the sub-Saharan Africa regions energy needs are huge, with less than 30% electrification rate, lowest in the world. Prospective customers after many personal enquiries through mails, social media interactions and physical dialogues are willing to bare reasonable costs at the initial stage of transaction. More than 70% of residential and commercial buildings in this region which does not have a dependable source of energy source are potential prospects for customers. This project will incorporate radio and television advertisements with special insights. Pamphlets on the initiative are also going to be distributed across strategic locations through social hot-spots. Newspapers and magazines advertisements which are the most assessed by people of this region are also considered. While, business networks, establishments, trade unions already existing in this business arena are also going to be collaborated with to initiate the set-out B2B and B2C strategies of the project. Also, the use of social media and internet based advertisements channels are going to be adopted. Securing prospective customers is not the most challenging threat this project might face. Meeting up with the prospective high demands for the product in question is considered a higher threat. A more outlined plan can only be presented on special confidential requests.

Your profile

Name: Falona Oluwarotimi Akintan Date of Birth: 02/26/1986 (28yrs) Nationality: Nigerian Education: Masters Degree, University of Turku, Finland. (Prospective PhD Student) Major: Futures Studies; Minor: Innovation and Business Creation. Residency (Current Location: Turku, Finland. Success Contributive factors: Includes my passion about life, strong good virtues, passion for excellence, confidence and strong entrepreneurship skills, good listening skills, highly goal-oriented, ability to work under-pressure with teams & cross-teams, efficiency, high creative skills, intuitive thinking ability, cognitive mindset and willingness to learn continually are all combined in my personal qualities. Motivation: Electricity is a menace of problem in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa at large. We need only a sustainable way to solve this problem. Solar is the FUTURE. Trust me, I am a Futurist, and moreover, an unrelenting entrepreneur. Award: Third runner-up Team group leader at the 24hours JA Challenge innovative camp. Innovative solutions to Urban Environment 2030-Challenge presented by City of Turku and Microsoft.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, sustainable energy, poverty reduction

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July 5, 2014 09:33

great idea. Keep the votes coming as I just did.

July 4, 2014 13:57

Thanks, Adebola.

July 4, 2014 12:40

Bro keep it up love your plan

July 3, 2014 16:28

Very noble and creative please make sure it is actualized....... vote for me too th-

July 3, 2014 09:35

This project is one which will impact millions if lives in Africa. I will really like the project to receive a wide support so that poverty will be largely reduced in Africa, businesses can thrive and security of lives and property is guaranteed by eliminating dark places and hiding places of evil perpetrators by lightning up every nook and cranny of africa. Thank

July 3, 2014 09:11

Thanks friends, for keeping the Votes Coming, We can do THIS.

July 2, 2014 15:08

okay, I have.

July 2, 2014 07:03