Les Grandes Épices

Published on June 27, 2014 um 21:16

Summary of your idea

Les Grandes Épices is a cozy boutique eco-resort which combines nature and luxury into a simple package that is the epitome of a dream getaway. It is a haven of pampering with top-notch authentic services and accommodation facilities. The idea behind establishing this type of eco-resort is to capitalize on the vast resources (human talents, skills, food produce, sights and scenery, and landscape) on the island of Grenada and to create visitor experiences that are untainted, pure and truly embodies the essence of a nature isle experience. Guests will engage in home-based activities which adds value their vacations, for example: gardening, fishing, 'crab-torching', bond-fire dinners and local cooking lessons. The aim is to employ 100% local staff, each contributing specific skills that they are willing to share with the people the resort caters to. In the end, there is opportunity for meaningful cultural exchange in a controlled, friendly environment.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Les Grandes Épices aims to progressively achieve the following over its lifetime: - Provide top-class personalized accommodation and culinary services underlined by local culture; - Innovate Grenadas tourism product through the arts and talents of local visioneers; - Provide a benchmark for the development of future eco-products and services. During the process of reaching these goals, it is expected that the resort will provide a sustainable and profitable avenue for local people to develop, share and perfect their skills and talents in a manner that contributes sufficiently to the wider goals of the country. Given the recent rebranding of the island's tourism sector under the mantra 'Pure Grenada', a most feasible measure of success will be its ability to effectively define and demonstrate the essence of the new brand. Other measures of success are: the degree to which the needs of its target market- nature/eco-tourists - are met; the amount of jobs and development opportunities provided to locals; the knowledge transmitted to guests; the publicity received from visiting guests; the level of recommendations made by third-parties; and the buy-in from wider industry stakeholders to support and promote the activities of the venture.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The resort will be established as a sole proprietor with the first phase expected to be mostly self-funded and through family donations. All resources (building material, labour, etc) used to establish the physical aspects of the project will be sourced locally as a means to retain revenue. The business philosophy caters to the welfare of locals and visitors alike, with no disparity between services being offered to the two. Hence, the pricing strategy will be designed appropriately enough to attract the locals but still taking into account the value expectations of those who are visiting. Key partners whose support will be solicited include: Ministry of Culture of Grenada, Grenada Development Bank; Grenada Industrial Development Corporation. Also, the idea is to pitch to local schools and training facilities about supporting the venture through voluntary services, community service and other development exercises that will help students learn about the project. Finally, the project aims to establish cross-cultural linkages with several players including: taxis, vendors, tourist sites' developers, farmers and tour guides. This serves as a win-win situation of service exchange in a manner that is cost-effective and sustainable for both parties.

Your profile

The Founder/Idea Owner is Ginelle Bell (me), a 23 year old Grenadian national with a BSc in Tourism Management from the University of the West Indies' Center for Hotel and Tourism Management. I have a deep passion for sustainable tourism development within the Caribbean region particularly to see our region become the number one leader in delivering exemplary customer service, visitor experiences and innovative products. My dream has always been to become deeply engaged in tourism and hospitality and as such I have worked with several regional organizations that cater to this sector to widen my scope about the industry and grasp the dynamics that lie therein. I love people, especially those who have a different story to share, hence the desire to establish a service-based enterprise. I am presently honing my skills in online media technology to help boost tourism marketing, mainly via social media. I provide social media services for business keen on maintaining a strong online presence with their contacts. I have a creative mind and a strong drive to always be on the cutting edge, these are but some of the qualities that have contributed to my successes, the most recent was being awarded the 2012/2013 Hugh Springer prize for the most outstanding undergrad graduate in two faculties across all three U.W.I. campuses.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , youth, other: Visitor experiences, tourism product

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