Sharp Sand, Stones And Gravel Haulage

Published on June 29, 2014 um 23:12

Summary of your idea

Our activities involves contracting construction companies on dredging of sand from river sources, stone crushing and employing our integrated electronic instant hauling and delivery service company with innovation,style and quality of products and services.we will put certain facilities in place,like Securing a one hectare fenced or barbed wired dumping valley land near the beach,Securing 5pieces of Land for urban sand and stone dump and also for auto mechanic workshop of dilapidated trucks.contracting construction firm for to use Sand dredger machine for dredging large mass of sand from river to the dump valley and Stone crusher for crushing stone and gravel into different sizes,and using their excavators to proper packing of sand, stones or gravel and loading the aggregate in delivery trucks,From my Personal Savings i shall Purchase an artistically branded Trucks and Tippers for hauling aggregates to construction sites,Purchase of an electronic scale for measuring the tons of aggregates.This haulage business requires some human resources categorically grouped into two:Skilled labor which includes: Manager,Secretary,Supervisor,Accountant/cashier,Auto servicemen,dredger machine operator, Excavator operators, truck drivers.Unskilled labor which includes: Truck conductors and security men.We shall run a more open customer friendly business, whereby every worker and clients will have direct access to the Directors office/contacts, trucks shall bear direct phone contacts of the management for complaints. There will be FREE calls for members of the company.All workers shall be subjected to equal treatment and benefits while upholding our mission statement. Every worker shall be required to sign in and out at the beginning and closures of work each day. We shall conduct a regular monthly staff/ departmental performance and assessment report which shall be accompanied by a token reward. we shall employ over 1000 youths there by reducing the impacts of insurgencies(Boko Haram)and crime in Nigeria.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our corporate goal is becoming the leading instant hauling, trucking and delivery company on sharp sand, stone and gravel related products with innovation, style and quality products. The objectives of Sharp Sand Stone Haulage Company, for the next 12 months are:SHARP SAND 1. Establish strategic working relationships with the major users in Nigeria. 2. Develop initial sales of 1000 tons of sand. 3. Increase Sales over a three-year period to 3000 tons per year. STONE AND GRAVEL 1. Continue to develop strategic working relationships with the 10-15 major institutional users. 2. Hit target gravel sales levels of 0.5K tons of both chippings and screened rock. 3. Continue to exploit the weaknesses inherent in the major area competitors to increase our presence in the local market of Nigeria Our principal objective shall be based on valuing relationships with our customers. We shall communicate our commitment to quality and customer appreciation through outstanding product quality, personal service and efficient delivery. Our commitment to our customers are reflected through honest and responsible business practices. Our customer service philosophy starts at the top, is ingrained into the fabric of the company, and is closely aligned to corporate goal of contributing to its customers critical success factors.We shall put marketing strategies into practice to get the word out concerning our services and products by supporting media releases,holding events,networking,sales pitches,followups and discounts offers on our products.We shall Advertise with Nigerian Television Authority for publicity and budget advertising expenses at less than10% of revenues.With the help of a newly integrated technology system and a well-trained staff, we will be able to measure and evaluate our success through the number of inventory, invoicing, Gsm calls directory, sms bank and online orders.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Due to high set-up cost in the production of our products from its natural occurrence,we shall partner or form alliances with big companies in the industry on dredging of sand,stone crushing and gravel production.At this start-up we shall limit our business to STORAGE, HAULING,and DELIVERY in order to make our business model less capital intense, we shall employ over 500 executive marketers to market our products and services.we are processing loans and grants from financial firms.The production processes are, (1)we shall contract a construction company to Use High power sand dredging pumping machine to dredge large mass of sand from the river to the valley and bid on their services (2)the same contracted company,shall Use Excavator to properly pack the products thereafter we shall store and sell to customers with their own truck or our company will deliver for a fee. (3)Scaling of the products by an electronic scale located at the pit or city dump before hauling to the public, private and end users. Our internal operation processes involves, receiving visitors, receiving and replying of calls, mails, Sms Alerts, invoicing and instant follow-up delivery within 10minuites.Customer service can be divided into two areas: equipment and people. On the job site, with the help of a newly integrated technology system and a well-trained staff, we shall maintain excellent control over such key areas as inventory,deliveries,damage loss, and invoicing.Troubleshooting, which customer service representatives often do right on the job site, will be handled quickly and efficiently. On the people side, we shall provide qualified and well-prepared labor force, ensuring that schedules and deadlines are met.

Your profile

I am Engr.Igwe Olisaemeka, born on the 14th of March 1987. (Member of the Nigerian Society Of Engineers) COREN certified Engineer with Registration Number: MNSE 30426-Head of operation of an excavating, landscaping, trucking company, I have extensive experience in all phases of sand, stones, gravel hauling and industry practices. I shall oversee operations of the company, and additionally, I am a major consumer of products as a civil Engineering contractor.Our team will parade seasoned personnel under the management of myself, Engr. Igwe Olisaemeka, expertise in all phases of stone and gravel hauling, production and industry practices. At sharp sand and stone haulage limited, customer service is a pro-active partnership, a relationship that ensures professionalism, efficiently run, safe workplace. We shall innovate the latest integrated technology of dredging sand from river, stone or gravel production, with my 3 year experience in excavating, landscaping, trucking business as Head of Operation at Greyline Construction Company. Our commitment to our customers is reflected through the extensive customer-service experience of Mr Nkemdilim, 30 yrs of age currently working with NigerCat construction company . We shall develop effective, revolutionary marketing techniques for: convenient and time-saving loading of customers trucks, and saving our institutional customers substantial amounts on their trucking expenses via the instrumentality of 27 year old Mr Ireh, as a Delivery manager. We need to sell our company, not just the products, we have to sell our service and support. We shall be monitoring workplaces, enforcing safe work practices, and communicating the companys safety performance to employees and other stakeholders. We shall offer an instant GSM request where an approve codes will be used for instant request/order for our products and services with an instant feedback SMS. For Example SEND: LOCATION PRODUCT TO 3300 free of Charge from any GSM network in Nigeria.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , youth

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Aadam Igwe

April 1, 2021 12:46

I have been ask to leased a giant stone to road contractors for as many years as you wish.the location is cross river state @boki local government very close to Ikom .for more details call me on 07050786501

Adesegun Adebayo Adebanjo

February 18, 2021 12:42

Good day Sir/Ma I have 10 trucks of 30tons that can haulage sand from anywhere in the country but our office is basically based in Lagos, Oracle D Ent Management Limited is a registered company under C.A.C (Current Affairs Commission Rc:1671807).