Improving mental health awareness and treantment using mHealth technology

Published on June 27, 2014 um 23:05

Summary of your idea

The main Objective of the idea is to improve health outcome of people with mental illnesses in Malawi and activities will involve developing a mobile health application that will be given to community health workers to guide them in basic assessment and treatment of mental health illness. Additionally it will also contain mental health education messages that will be sent to people in the community to raise awareness of mental illness. Currently there is a lot of discrimination surrounding mental health in Malawi, which acts as barrier for improving mental health illness outcome for those suffering from mental illness. As such using community health workers and mobile health will assist to reach out a large number of people in my community and eventually the whole country since most people now have access to phones

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea is expected to reduce discrimination against people with mental illness, raise awareness about mental illness, improve treatment of people with mental illness, improve well being of people with mental illness and also increase support for mental health due to raised awareness. performance indicators will be number of people subscribing to receive mental health education messages, number of community health workers trained in using the mobile health application, number of people with mental illness assessed and treated using the mental health mobile application, number of organizations providing support for mental health illness cause, adoption of the idea by ministry health as part of the health system strategy to promote mental health. The targeted audience will be community health workers, ministry of health officials, people in the community and people with mental health problems

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I intend to work closely with Ministry of Health officials from Malawi government since the main aim is for this idea to be adopted as part of ministry of health strategy for addressing mental health challenges in Malawi.The idea will be financed through donors by writing proposals and once capital funds have been generated, a collective business model will be used which will involve partnering with other organizations implementing mental health projects. The main collaborators will be ministry of health, community health workers and other organizations implementing mental health projects

Your profile

I was born on 1 September 1983, I am trained registered nurse by profession and have high passion for improving mental health in Malawi because my family has history of mental health problems as such i have personally experienced how mental health illness affect families and would like to assist other families facing the same challenges. I am well experienced in project management, have good leadership skills which led to my selection as students union president while in college. currently, I am studying for a masters in business administrator as such it will help me in improving my entrepreneurship skills.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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