New materials for Cardboard Manufacture.

Published on June 27, 2014 um 23:30

Summary of your idea

The idea concerns the use of plantain and banana sheaths for the making of cardboards. The sheaths are light, fibrous-to-leathery materials covering the outer stems of plantain and banana plants. The main objectives are; obtain a useful product that can be used in various applications such as carton boxes and packaging materials, upholstery, building and construction, bookbinding,etc. get people engaged and employed tackle poverty The activities that may be involved in include; 1.collection of sheaths from farms and plantations. 2.sorting,cleaning and sizing of sheaths. 3.gluing of sheaths to form larger sheets. 4.gluing sheets to form the desired plys to obtain a cardboard. 5.forming cardboards into boxes or other materials.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The overall impact of my idea on sustainable development is huge. It is summarized as follows; 1. Job creation:The implementation of the idea is going to create new jobs for people. 2. Boost to farmers income: To date, most farmers rely only on the sale of fruits of bananas and plantains as a source of income, but, picking and selling of sheaths will be a new source of income. 3. Boost to food production:Farmers may be encouraged to expand their farms and new people may be attracted to producing bananas and plantains which will be a good recipe for increased food production which is badly needed. 4. Business owners who would use the product from this idea stand a chance of cutting cost and saving money since they will have a cheaper alternative. 5. In my community, a lot of women are engaged in agriculture, hence, this is going to have a positive impact on their lives To evaluate the success of the idea, surveys are going to be conducted to assess the impact of the idea on the lives of the youth, women, farmers, etc. Banana and plantain productions as well as pricing of produce before and after the implementation of the idea, are going to be assessed to evaluate the idea's impact. The end users of the products from the idea are going to be sampled for assessment to know the impact of the idea on their businesses.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business Model: People would be engaged to pick plantain and banana sheaths from farms at a commission. Also, raw materials would be accepted from registered farmers. The next stage would involve the processing of materials into cardboards. Cardboards obtained would then be further processed according to customer needs. This means that, the venture would involve three broad components. Raw materials acquisition component, processing component and business and marketing component. Financing Source: The main financing source would be sought from partners who have interest in the idea and would like to be part of it. Currently, a search is being made for interested partners. Collaborators: Various bodies in my homecountry relevant for the fruition of the idea are being sought for. They include the following; 1.Farmers and farmer organizations. Thet are going to be contacted and the right relationships established with them since raw materials are going to come from them. 2.Industrial bodies involved in cardboard manufacture and related products. 3.Packaging and shipping organizations. 4.Building and construction companies 5.Bookbinding and publishing houses 6.The Ministry of Food and Agriculture These and other bodies are expected to propel the idea into reality since they involve producers of raw materials as well as end users of the product.

Your profile

I am a Ghanaian of 29 years of age and have graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BSc. Degree in Agriculture. I hail from Wamfie in the Dormaa East District of Ghana's Brong Ahafo region, and the eldest child of a family made up of four children. The key qualities that may contribute to the success of the idea are my background in Agricultural science that may be relevant in raw materials production and my creativity that would be needed for the sustainability of the ensuing venture. Moreover, I am so much interested in fighting poverty and joblessness since I am myself unemployed. I have always being determined to be self-employed and to employing others in the process. Also, my leadership experience pegs me as the right element to direct people towards the common goal besides motivating them. This means that with the relevant resources available, I am poised to cause a major change in my community.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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