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Published on July 3, 2014 um 16:14

Summary of your idea

Plant egg is a new egg producing technology with plant-based egg substitute.The main objective of launching this Plant Egg is to ensure the continual of egg-protein supply in the future and avoid H1N1 diseases from chickens. The grey powdery substitute is made from plant products like sunflower lecithin, canola, peas and natural gums from tree sap- providing a healthy, cruelty-free alternative to eggs . We are trying to make some changes which is modify the beyond egg powder into a real egg shape. which mean add an egg shell for it.The egg-shell is primary made up of calcium carbonate.The shells will act as a cloth to cover the beyond eggs mixture into it.The shells will stamp on the company logo.This new innovation eggs will pass through the Health Department of Malaysia before introduced to the public.Plant Eggs isnt trying to wage a war against meat and animal products, but instead provide an alternative to be used in foods like mayonnaise, dressings or baked goods. The product isnt meant to be cooked up in place of a breakfast omelette, but instead provide a protein-rich substitute in recipes and baked goods. Aside from the ethical and environmental benefits of choosing Plant Eggs, the overall cost is 18% cheaper than battery-produced eggs, a major plus factor for industrial baking companies. We hope that vegans will love his product, but sees the more mainstream benefits of Plant Eggs to be appealing for food industries across the board.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target market of the Plant Egg will the vegetarian,normal adults and children.Although many vegetarians eat eggs but the industrial food-production process surrounding eggs can still cause the same negative ethical and environmental effects that caused people to turn vegetarian to begin with. The carbon emissions caused by raising chickens, hormonal additives and overall poor treatment of most farm animals spurred to come up with an egg alternative that didnt just provide the same nutrition as real eggs, but also actually tasted like them. We are targeting all of the public around the world with an vegan and plant based egg. This will cause help to reduce the consumption on the real chicken egg and support the green environment by consuming more green and organic food. The measure to evaluate success is depends on the number of consumption of newly egg products by the publics. After doing researches on vegetarian and high-cholesterol people , we found that they consume less eggs products compared to normal people. This is because the cholesterol level of normal eggs is higher and risker for them to consume it. The problem is solved when the Plant Eggs are introduced into the market as it has zero cholesterol and environmentally friendly. So, there is a huge potential and market outcomes when the Plant eggs are introduced to the market.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model of plant eggs is emphasized on the production of egg from plants resources.The distributors can get the shared innovation with the francising fees of RM1.This criteria comes with the condition of every eggs sold,the distributors need to give 1 sen to Plant Eggs through black and white.It is a win-win situation strategy as both parties can get benefits from it.So,every month the distributors need to give the amount of money to Plant Eggs for its loyalty fees.The financing resources from Plant Eggs are come from Utar Young Entreprenuership Fund and parental supports.The future collaborators of Plant Eggs will be the Beyond Eggs from United Stated of America.It is a company that produce new innovative eggs products which gained the supports from Bill Gates and Li Ka-Shing.This plant eggs has unbelievable potential to change the environment and food industry. The opening capital of this plant egg is about RM200,000. It is used as the capital for the sharing technology and science equipments for the production of plant eggs. Each egg that is successfully produced will has the cost of RM0.08.And we can sell it at RM0.20.It is much more cheaper than the current eggs in the market.So the opening capital can be get back in prediction of 4 months time.

Your profile

My name is Tye Lian Huat.I am 20.I am a Malaysian.I am currently study Bachelor of Commerce Accounting in UTAR. I have the vision of RYTHM which is Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.I believed that the Plant Eggs can make an impact to our motherland as it can have a cleaner and safer production of nutritious eggs to the human beings.The motivation to continue the efforts in Plant Eggs are the strong wills to help society as eggs have already a necessity to the society.The quality in contributing in my success is the interpersonal quality and the networks.Optimistic and never giving up on the dreams to be achieve are always my great teachers.Furthermore,the helping hand from the partners and the financial aid of the company to boost the success. So,I have got the recognition as I have been invited to join the Malaysian Intervasity Leadership Conference which only attended by 40 leaders which selected from the different university in Peninsula of Malaysia.We have gone to meet the Vice Presidents of Maybank,Genting,,IOI group and others.It is a precious opportunity to meet and learn from them.I believed the knowledge and skills which learnt from them can help in Plant Egg.

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