Village Cloud (Reviving Culture Through Technology)

Published on July 3, 2014 um 14:24

Summary of your idea

Main Objective: Bringing every culture online (Growing Culture with Technology) Village Cloud is an online Cultural network combining both eLearning and ecommerce for a region/locality. The ecommerce part would be a network connecting local creators to consumers, providing attention to the three basic amenities to life. Clothing, Food, Shelter. 1. Clothing: Continental cultural clothing of a region, made by registered and trusted local creators. 2. Food: Provides Continental food stuff and also directories to where local cuisines are served. 3. Shelter: Provides directories to local hotels, and other continental homes. Village cloud (ecommerce) would be a market that allows the old and new way of trading i.e. Barter trade (A means where people who dont have the money but got the goods/services also get what they require) and cash trade. Village Cloud (eLearning) would be a network bringing together people from different parts of the world who are ready to learn a lot about different cultures and also people who are ready to teach others. This would have a positive effect on cultural diversity which could lead to peace building. Key innovative approaches: Barter trade, pick-and-drop

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Village Cloud targets a quite large group of persons, ranging from a tourist who would want to learn more about a visited country, a student who would like to do a project that has to do with a specific region without having to visit there, a local vendor who would want to sell more of his products etc. Some key impact we hope to achieve are; 1. Reduction in poverty rate: Most of the goods/content would be provided by local creators who by one means or the other were unable to bring their products/services to limelight (Bringing more businesses online) 2. Reduce unemployment: You dont have to be a content creator before working for village cloud, with a proposed Pick-and-drop model, anyone willing to help with deliveries can always stop by at any of our Market Square to get registered and start delivery. 3. Increase in extra income: With the Pick-and-drop and other affiliate programs, members of a community can earn extra income. For example, a person with a means of transportation (car, bike, cycles etc.) can decide to get registered and earn income from the program. 4. Positive impact on cultural diversity.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Village Cloud is expected to get its start-up capital through loans from Personal savings and also from family and friends.But in the future,collaboration from other entrepreneurs and investors would be permitted. Village cloud would aquire its customers(buyers/sellers) through advertising(web Ads,because its cheaper and could lead to better conversions) and also posters and flyers. Village Cloud would be divided based on continents, i.e. VillageCloudAfrica, VillageCloudAsia, VillageCloudAmerica, VillageCloudEurope. For better logistical implementation. But for a start, VillageCloudAfrica would be the first. Contacts would be made with local creators, highlighting to them the benefits of trading with village cloud and also to get them registered. And also Collaboration would be made with existing local hubs like MarketGH,, village Kitchen etc. so as to get links to more creators. Useful plugins like Google Maps, Google Translate, Google currency exchanger, etc. would be implemented on the market site. To help in better direction to that continental home, to help with accurate and real time currency conversion etc. As part of bringing back some lost cultural activities, Village cloud market would allow the Barter trade. A means where people who dont have the money but got the goods/services also get what they require. As time goes on, Village cloud would not only be an online network but would also have different market squares which would harbour different creators and service providers. With the introduction of Pick-and-Drop, Village Cloud as a company would have a decreased spending on transportation/delivery as most of our deliveries are done by loyal and registered community persons who are placed on commissions.

Your profile

My name is David Shadrach, 18 years of age, a Nigerian by birth, currently a student of Computer science at Nigerian University. I love technology and business I served as the Microsoft student partner and also as the Google Student ambassador at school. I was once awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in my department at school; i guess that actually boosted my zeal in entrepreneurship. I have also served as the welfare director of a student community development and charity group, which was as a result of my aspiration to help the community in every way i could. Village cloud would be a kick start for me and I see a lot of positive impacts it could make to the world and also I would like to hear testimonies of cultures which where nearly lost forever revived.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , youth

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