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Summary of your idea

Cookie Jar Plus is a bakery initiative which stemmed from a family idea a little over a decade ago. The initiative was to bake pastries and bakers confectioneries for health conscious friends and customers. We aim to create and cater healthy treats for local, regional, and international customers. Our goal is to bring about economic growth by creating employment, building sustainable living and development of the agricultural sector in my country. Cookie Jar Plus stands as a model for aspiring entrepreneurs in third world countries. In the initial stage of our project we intend to utilize composite flours extracted from breadfruit and yams as the main ingredients in our products. We also intend to introduce an alternative for people with gluten allergies and health conscious persons to enjoy delicious tasty treats. The specific yam variety we intend to use is (Dioscorea Trifida/Dominica ) which we are cultivating for yam flour production. This particular yam variety has been overlooked therefore through this project we will be able to make a difference and add value to the yam product. We also intend to use other crops such as Breadfruit, Indian Almond, and other local fruits which are in abundance on the island especially the highly underutilized Indian Almond. After the manufacturing stage, Cookie Jar Plus intend to introduce our products through media advertisements and educational programs on the health benefits to build a health conscious customers base. This project has great potential as an income earner for approximately seven thousand farmers who had to abandon their banana cultivation.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Cookie Jar Plus products will be made from locally manufactured composite yam and breadfruit flours. During and after the introduction and establishment of the products on the food market, Cookie Jar Plus intends to create and strengthen relationships with farmers to encourage them to increase production to be able to sustain supplies for the project. In the initial stage of the project, we intend to introduce products to our customers on a small scale by utilizing the resources that we now have. The we believe is a good strategy to sensitize and motivate persons in my community to cultivate crops and engage themselves in backyard farming. Currently, my siblings and I are undertaking the challenge of mobilizing farmers to increase the quantity of the (Dioscorea Trifida/Dominica) yam, breadfruit and Indian almond in our area. We are also sourcing seedlings from the Tree Planters Nursery to aid farmers in this mobilization process. We have seen their potential as a replacement for the unfortunate failing banana industry. Banana farming was the main source of foreign earning for our agricultural sector and the economy of our country. Towards the end of the 1980s there were nearly 8000 farmers engaged in banana production and by 2013 that number reduced to about 250 banana farmers. During that period I saw many middle class families reached the poverty line.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Presently we are undertaking a pilot project aimed at cultivating (Dioscorea Trifida/Dominica) yam plants. A satisfactory supply of breadfruit, mangoes and Indian Almond have been already established on family holdings. Small scale establishment of ginger, vanilla, limes, and coconuts are also available as assets to our sustainability. The Tree Planters Nursery is established in my community for the supply of planting materials to farmers and prospective farmers. Therefore, crops and ingredients which will be used for our products will be locally sourced from community farmers are the first option. By this, we see sustainability of the project and the creation of employment or market for farmers.

Your profile

Growing up as a child to a farmer and a baker I was exposed to the idea of utilizing agricultural crops in the bakery at an early stage in my life. At the age of ten my mum unfortunately passed away which posed some challenges and set-backs in my life. Being head strong towards my goals, at the age of twelve I undertook a personal baking challenge where I baked my first batch of yam and breadfruit cookies. They were appreciated by everyone who tasted them including the then Deputy British High Commissioner to the Caribbean who was present during the country's independence celebration. This was a very uplifting moment in my life. I completed my secondary school education with a grade one at general level with the Caribbean Examination Council. As I continued to pursue my goal in life, I took full advantage of a free pastry course which was offered to the youth of my community by the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) in collaboration with the National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD). I captured the most outstanding student award in 2013 Now at the age of 21, pastries and bakers confectionery making have grown into a hubby for me where I can express my creativity and knowledge with the potential to earn a living.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

food security, poverty reduction

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