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Summary of your idea

F-eat is a wannabe fast food chain which is going to prepare fast and at the same time healthy meals, which are going to be based on the Paleo diet(it is a diet based on the nutrition of our ancestors who were fed by what the nature provided them). F-eat is for those who take care of their health through their nutrition, because either they face a health problem (e.g. diabetes, obesity etc) or they just want to remain healthy. Such people are either those who exercise (as amateurs/professionals) and they follow a strict diet plan or those who do not exercise and through nutrition they want to bring balance in their lives. Also, such people are employees of companies who do not eat lunch at their homes and they seek for healthy lunch options when being at the office. Our basic goal is to push people to the healthy way of eating and persuade them that the food can be both good tasted and good for the health. F-eat is going to be a physical store, which is going to scale up through franchising. An online site/store is also planned to be constructed for services such as home delivery. The section of fast food market is constantly developing due to a new model of consumers' behavior that makes the fast food a necessity. The basic difference between F-eat and the other competitors is the Paleo diet, on which our meals are going to be based. Except for our basic products (meals), we have thought of some other services, such as customized meals.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our vision is to succeed in changing people's mind about fast food and bring the healthy way of eating in everyone's daily routine. Our goals are: 1)The creation of a successful fast food chain, with meals based on the quality, which is going to be among the top10 enterprises of fast food. 2)The acquisition of loyal customers. To achieve this, we base our activities on three values:Quality, Confidence and Service. 3)The construction of an innovative menu, based on the principles of the Paleo diet. 4)To have stores at "hot market spots" 5)To give the opportunity of working to Greek people. 6)The increase the amount of Greek farmers, who are our suppliers.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our business model is based on: 1)The value for the money that our customers are going to give in order to buy by us. This can be achieved through our healthy meals.We give nutritional value to the meal that the customer consumes. We give, in simple words, importance to the human factor. 2)the constant training of our employees, so as to be aware of healthy eating and ready to face any consumer. We are going to collaborate with chefs in order to build our menu. Also with suppliers of our raw materials(farmers etc). Moreover with charitable institutions and suppliers of our devices(e.g. for the kitchen) The investment is estimated about 51.500 euros. Some of these are going to be covered by personal funding and some other by subsidy( e.g. NSRF)

Your profile

I am an undergraduate student at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Actually, i am studying 'Marketing and Communication'. I have successfully completed my internship in AEPI(Greek company for the protection of the intellectual property). I have worked as a promoter in 'Sales Promotions Center'. I have certification in proficient communication in English. Also, I am volunteer in "Acropolis Rally". Moreover, I love sports and i am a kick-boxer since 2012. I also love playing guitar. In "Feat" project, I work on the sectors of marketing and finance.

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planning stage

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environment, health, sustainable energy, food security, sustainable trade, youth, other: nutrition

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