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Summary of your idea

The negligence of the effects of unlined waste dumps on the host soil and underlying shallow aquifers in southeastern Nigeria characterized by largely unconfined, porous and high permeable aquiferous system is worrisome. Studies have shown that soil and groundwater system can be polluted due to poorly designed waste disposal facilities, leakage from underground storage tanks and agricultural wastes.Increase in population and rapid expansion of cities has resulted to generation of huge waste and they manner these wastes are disposed constitutes serious health and environmental problems. The impact of Avu and Ihie waste dumps on the host soil and underlying shallow aquifer system was investigated in this study. Modern Gore Cover approach and innovative recycling waste management method with improved biological treatment of organic wastes and converting non bio degradable materials into use. The following activities will take place in order to fulfill the approach: set up an integrated solutions provider for sustainable waste management in partnership with international technology providers and local partners, focusing on compost and recycling, (ii) Prepare an Integrated Waste Management Plan 2013-2018 with local authorities, (iii) Start with a pilot project in one community, (iv) Implement and execute with key stake-holders, (v) Set up a community fund to maximize social and environmental impact .

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Impact We are aiming for the following: (i) Employment: An estimated 15,000 jobs to be created in waste collection, waste management, and sales of products from processing. (ii) Health: Reduction of negative impacts on public health (Cholera, Malaria, Polio etc). (iii) Psychological effect: Cleaning the city will raise the spirit of the Nigerian people: change is happening. (iv) Education and awareness creation: Today people have the tendency to throw waste onto the streets because it makes no difference. (v) Environmental effects: Less pollution of public space & cleaning of the City of Owerri and Imo State at large. Community Impact We are aiming to create a community fund together with the government with dedication to maximizing social and environmental impact for the populations affected. It will receive receives 20% of the profits of ENVIROSAFE and finance activities focused on (a) education and training, (b) capacity building, (c) insurance, and (d) gender support. Train & sensitize: Coordinate and distribute posters on how to innovatively manage wastes in Nigeria, Prepare and present weekly radio and TV programs on the environmental impacts of indiscriminate dumping and littering of the urban environment, Coordinate the holding of public meetings in all divisions to sensitize the people on the negative impacts of waste management, and the need for reuse and recycling, Produce a film/video on environmental issues and waste management for awareness creation, Prepare and issue brief policy statements on the environment and waste recycling. Train trainers of non-formal environmental education, at least 5 from each of the 12 districts of the city of Imo State to guarantee their full participation in waste recycling. Gender support: Increase opportunities for women in waste collection, Provide leadership roles to women. Environmental Impact

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Strategy & Operations This project In 2013, was realized that public health issues were linked back to trash on dump sites which spurred me to engage the Enactus team at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri to explore waste management at their university and other waste disposing sites in Imo state. Further investigation revealed overwhelming challenges with polyethylene materials burning polyethylene plastic is harmful to air quality and, due to its lack of biodegradability, burying these items is a determent to soil and water so it soon became clear that what was initially thought to be a need for coordinated trash control was a bigger matter with opportunities for far-reaching impact. Vision: Provide full cycle systemic solutions for sustainable waste management in Imo state that are (i) systemic, (ii) holistic, and (iii) biometric. The idea is to bring customized integrated waste management solutions with modern technological means to Imo State and Nigeria at large by using Avu and Ihie in Imo as a hub. Notably, the project will attract through the present administration foreign investors and also proffers possible solutions to unemployment and youths restiveness across the Eastern states and Nigeria at large. Financials: Original income will come private individuals, cooperate societies and from government fees, additional revenues will come from sale of recycled materials, and eventually from carbon credits especially from companies whose products wastes needs recycling like Coca cola, many bottled water companies.This needs more support to make the project function properly at kick off. Our collaborators are E-digits Nigeria, ENACTUS Nigeria and University of Notttingham Ningbo China department for converting waste into use.

Your profile

. Ferdinand Edozie is a 30 years graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. He deferred his offer in Masters in Entrepreneurship at, Nottingham University Business School China. He received many Awards in Entrepreneurship summit and Leadership training from Coca Cola and Students in Free Enterprise Nigeria. He is also a Executive in Residence with the Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre at FUTO and CACORP. In 2009, he was the organizing leader for the Youths Entrepreneurship Award by KauffMan Foundation United Kingdom. Ferdinand has worked with multinational companies, international organizations, universities, NGOs and government. As an active entrepreneur he has founded E-Digits in Nigeria and one the Founding fathers of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise FUTO) Nigeria, focusing on human-centred project development and out of the box thinking for a sustainable future and possible solutions to Economic activities. Edozie quest to further his Education was short lived due to Financial in challenges to study at London South Bank University ( Msc Sustainable Energy and Environment) was deferred. He has developed interest in saving our environment and engages his local communities on importance of climate change and environmental safety for a better world.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

The rough site of Avu dumpsite in owerri.

The photo of Ihie dump site in imo state

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