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Summary of your idea

Gamification framework on houses and communities which will compete through a bet among themselves on reducing energy use. The successful households which is able to achieve its goals will receive share the rewards worth the money in pot. The proposal aims to reduce energy usage to promote energy efficiency among households, institutions and companies through gamification. Each household will form a group and enter into a bet to reduce energy consumption by 10 or 25% from their current monthly levels. We will verify the current levels through your past bills. Whichever household achieves its target will be rewarded. The reward will be in many forms like cash, coupons, free services, extended warranties, etc. It certainly will be worth 20 times the cost of entering the bet. In addition to this, those who won would be acknowledged. If the winners continue to do this over a period of 1 year, their house would be awarded with an Most Energy efficient households which is a pride for everyone and thing of aspiration for those who lost. The same goes with institutions, colleges, companies. All the contenders will be supported by a network of energy auditors and efficiency managers. The sole objective being to reduce energy consumption. Tools to ensure and achieve efficiency will be provided and guidelines of the bet too. Focus areas: 1) Effective promotion 2) Strong focus on energy efficiency 3) Initiating Energy efficiency awards in association with Bureau of Energy Efficiency 4) Behavioral norms needs to be evolved for the adaptation. 5) Each household needs to become a partner. 6) Tools to achieve energy efficiency and support in buying equipment's. 7) External support by our network of advisers in devising measures to reduce energy usage

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Expected to reduce individual household and organization consumption by 10-25% who partner with us thereby promoting energy efficiency.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business Model: Income would be from unsuccessful betters and consultation fees from organizations. Once, the marketplace for Energy efficient devices is launched, income will be generated from that too. The winners will get rewarded Financial source: Partially it will be self-financed beyond which I will look for funds from banks and other personal sources. Once some traction is achieved I will go looking for angel investors Parties involved: Energy efficiency Bureau Contenders which include individuals, institutions, business Developers and marketer Energy efficiency advisers

Your profile

Abhik Tayal Email: [email protected] Tel: 9990118648 Age: 25 EDUCATION Qualification Institute / Organization Board / University Year % / CGPA MBA SBM, NMIMS, Mumbai NMIMS 2016 Awaited B.E (Environment) Delhi College of Engineering Delhi University 2011 71.9% XII Bal Vikas School, Panipat CBSE 2007 89.8 % X Bal Vikas School, Panipat CBSE 2005 87.4 % Associate System Engineer, IBM India 33 months (Aug 2011 - May 2014) Designing asset requisition, purchase requisition work order & tower site application for Bharti Infratel Developing and supporting Maintenance and inventory management applications for BP- Rumaila organization Administer customer billing, meter & leak issues, workforce optimization applications for NiSource Americas Domain Expert in environmental services for a pilot project providing livelihood & agricultural services Designing and developing platform linking all E&U practitioners to share real-time information & business cases Selected as Catalyst by MIT Climate Co-Lab, USA Winner in Poster-cum-Presentation competition held in the Annual IBM E&U Summit. Initiated a project to save $10k annually for client by reducing re-validation. Acknowledged by senior leadership for Innovative Idea during Annual IBM event Finalist in Millennium Alliance awards given by FICCI and USAID. What motivates is the positive impact I can make on the society and to give back something of value to the world. The qualities that define me are innovative, hard working, thinker, zealous.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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environment, sustainable energy

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