Golden Skills Acquisition Centre

Published on July 1, 2014 um 14:14

Summary of your idea

Golden Skills Acquisition Centre will be located in Lagos State, Nigeria. To offer a brighter future to the Nigerian youths and women through the provision of a quality and affordable vocational training in the following vocations; Fashion Designing, Hair Styling and Cosmetology, ICT Training, Catering and Hotel Management, Events planning and Decoration. Entrepreneurship Training; this is compulsory for all trainees. We equip trainees with managerial and leadership skills. They are trained on how to establish, grow and manage business enterprises. VISION To combat unemployment and Youth Restiveness in Nigeria by training and empowering at least 100,000 Youths and women by year 2020. MISSION To offer a high quality vocational training services to the Nigerian youths at an affordable prices. Objectives; To give training and impart necessary skills to individual who shall be self-reliant economically. To train and empower at least 100,000 youths and women nationwide in the next 5 years of operation. To expand our branch network to at least 3 states in Nigeria, in 12 months. INNOVATIONS We will offer mobile trainings for Schools, churches, Nigeria, prisoners. Our lead facilitators would be Professionals/Entrepreneurs. There will also be Post training mentoring for our graduate trainees. Offering of foreign internship to our outstanding students. Offering soft loan to graduate trainees, to kick start their Business Enterprise.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

TARGET AUDIENCE; a. Women b. Youths c. Widows d. Prisoners e. workers who have just been laid of their jobs. IMPACT ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; 1. Gender equality; Empowering women, especially the widow to be self reliant and contributing positively to the society. 2. Job creation; to combat youths unemployment by training 100,000 youths by year 2020. we shall empower the youths and women with technical and employable skills, self-employment and wealth creation and after graduation. 3. Prisoners who have served their jail tenure shall be trained and empowered to be useful and independent in the society. 4. Apart from poverty reduction potential of this project, its effective implementation will also serves as instrument for curbing social exclusion, where cost of higher education is out of the reach of the majority and as antidote for youth unemployment, where the labour market is saturated. 5. It will play multidimensional roles of stimulating economic growth, social development, improving conventional education, empowerment, wealth creation, poverty reduction and skills enhancement. 6. It will play a crucial role in the social and economic development of Nigeria, in term of economic and industrial growth, employment generation. 7. It will Serve as learning and training centre for the translation of dreams and ideas into successful ventures. Success Evaluation Success of this idea shall be measured through Quality Assurance Indicators (QAIs) which give information and statistics about educational effectiveness, efficiency and performances. By Annually Evaluating the objectives on key components such as; What learners gain, Quality Learning Environments, Quality Content, Processes that support Quality and Outcomes from the learning environment.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Golden Skills Acquisition Centre will empower and train the Nigeria Youths and women, empowering them in the following vocations; 1. Fashion Designing 2. Hair Styling and Cosmetology 3. ICT Training 4. Catering and Hotel Management 5. Events planning and Decoration. 6. Entrepreneurship Training Customers segments are; 1. Corporate Clients; Staffs of Corporate Organizations, Youth of Religion Organizations, Primary schools, Secondary schools, Universities, Social groups etc. 2. private individuals;; Under graduates, Graduates, Young secondary school leavers, House wives, Workers Widows Prisoners etc We will promote our services; 1. Advertisement via Social media, Web site, print and Electronic media, Bulk SMS and Call cards, etc. 2. Direct Marketing. 3. Trade shows/Exhibitions 4. Mobile Trainings. 5. Free training for the prisoners and the less privilege. SUCCESS FACTORS 1. The use of competent, experienced and professional management team. 2. Low over head cost; the cost of operations is low. 3. Large market; the market for our service is extremely large. 4. Conducive learning environment with state- of- the- earth Equipment 5. Affordable and competitive fees. For implementation, we require the total sum of $66,666USD. Which 50% shall be used for acquisition of capital equipment, Leasing of training centre and other preoperational expenses. 10% for licensing and other training. While 40% for operational expenses for 6 months. We aim at breaking even within the first 12 months of operation. Source of fund. Total capital required $66,666 Equity contribution 20% UNESCO Grant 80%

Your profile

Gold Philip was born in Lagos Nigeria on April 20th,1984. WORK EXPERIENCE A-Z Bridals Position; Sales Assistance Manager. Great Nigeria Insurance Position; Risk Advisor Exclusive Treat Intl. Position; General Manager Lagos State University (Economics Department) Position; Treasurer to the Department EDUCATION & TRAINING Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria, (June 2012) Bsc. Economics Pan African University/Lagos Business School, Lagos, Nigeria (December 201) Entrepreneurship Development Certificate Chattered Institute Of Bankers Nigeria (CIBN), Lagos, Nigeria (2008 - present) Associate Certificate In Banking (ACIB) IN VIEW New Horizons Nigeria; NDE (Nigeria Directorate Of Employment ) 2010-2011 EC- Council- Customer Relationship Management [CompTIA Project+ Management CBP- Business Communication Skills CBP- Customer Service CBP- Leadership Skills Donse Resources; (2012) Entrepreneurial Development Certificate NIGERIA WEST INDIA ASSOCIATION SKILLS ACQUISITION CENTER; Fashion Designing Training, Beads making Training, Hair styling Training, etc AWARDS & HONORS Academic Excellence Award(Best Female Student) , National Association of Economics student of Nigeria(NESA-LASU) December, 2012 I was given this award by my departmental Association as a result of my outstanding Academic performance. SKILLS Languages: English (perfect), Yoruba (Local), Efik (Local) Computer: Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft power point, social media (facebook, Linked in, Twitter,Youtube), Application of ICT, social media marketing. I am also endowed with the following skills; Managerial skills, Financial management skills, Technical skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Customer Service skills, Leadership Skills, Presentation skills, Marketing skills, Fashion Designing, Hair styling and Beauty care, Beads Marketing, etc.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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August 3, 2014 01:37

Hi Gold,

I would be interested in learning more about your opreations and logistics. If the opportunity presents itself, my company would be keen on supporting your project by investing in your technology needs and help you create a market place.

Our fund invests in projects that promote skill development and employment opportunities. Please do get in touch with us.

You can also see a similar skill developmnt project that we are doing with a UN affiliate

Saleem Qureshi
CEO | Assessment Fund
[email protected]

July 12, 2014 17:07

Bravely go toward! I encourage you.